If you need a fast and powerful MacBook Pro with a 16in screen why should you wait for a new model that you know nothing about? Not long ago the current 16in MacBook Pro was being celebrated as the fastest MacBook ever. Just because a new model is coming doesn't mean that the current generation will slow down.

Nevertheless, there's a reason why we can't wholeheartedly recommend the 16in MacBook Pro right now: Apple's new ARM-based laptops have proven to be a real revolution. The M1 MacBook Air and M1 13in MacBook Pro have made their old Intel predecessors look completely outdated. If that's what Apple can do with its entry-level devices imagine what is possible for the pro Macs. Read about the M1X and M2 chips and what they might be capable of.

Based on how good these M1 Macs are we are sure that the upcoming model will not only be faster than the current models, they will also offer longer battery life and be significantly quieter. And it's not just the hardware that will change: Apple has already announced that the upcoming operating system will offer some functions that are only available to Macs featuring Apple Silicon. These will include new Siri features and security enhancements. Read: Many Monterey features only work on new Macs.

So why commit to an Intel device that is already outdated at the time of purchase and is rapidly losing value (if you were considering selling it on in three to five years)?

There are, however, a few reasons why buying the 16in MacBook Pro now could be a sensible decision in your circumstances:

  • You need to use important applications on your Mac that only run on Windows. The M1 Macs will only be able to run the ARM version of Windows, and that will only be via virtualisation.
  • Similarly, you will be better off with an Intel-powered 16in MacBook Pro if you want to play current PC games - especially if you want to use Apple's Boot Camp (which isn't available on M1 Macs).
  • Your old MacBook Pro is defective and you need a replacement now - and the 13in MacBook Pro or MacBook Air are too small or not powerful enough.
  • Another reason to buy the Intel-powered 16in MacBook Pro would be if you are able to get a discontinued model at a bargain price. The best bargains may arrive after the new model launches though.

Speaking of the best deals, if there is a good deal on the 16in MacBook Pro right now you will see it below, RRP: £2,399. Read our 16in MacBook Pro review.

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What will the new 16in MacBook Pro offer?

Allegedly, there are new 14in and 16in versions of the new MacBook Pro coming and we can expect faster M1X chips, HDMI, SD card slot and mini LED displays (which will probably bring HDR support as with it did with the iPad Pro 12.9). The suggestion is that the processor in the 16in MacBook Pro will be more powerful than that in the new 14in model.

We hope that the price won't be any higher than it is currently. The 16in MacBook Pro starts at £2,399, which is quite a leap from the most expensive of the 13in models (£1,999). We don't expect the price to be lower, but it would be nice if it was.

Read all about the upcoming 16in MacBook Pro.

Alternative options

But not everyone can wait indefinitely - and we don't know for sure that the new 16in MacBook Pro will arrive this autumn, or even this year.

One option is to buy an Intel MacBook and sell it once the new model is released - but you have to expect a high depreciation.

Another option, if you really need a new laptop immediately, is to consider renting an Intel model for a few months.

For example, HardSoft Computers will rent a 16in MacBook Pro to you for £239.00 plus VAT a week, for minimum of thirty days.

You can of course find hire schemes that cost a lot less than that, however, hire companies usually have three year agreements for hiring Macs. For example, HardSoft has a £15.30 a week three year agreement, or a £20.40 a week option that allows you to cancel after 12 months.

KRCS also offers business rental of Macs. They offer a 16in MacBook Pro for £10.99 a week, but as with HardSoft the loan period will include a multi-year contract.

Albion also allows customers to lease Macs, but again this is over a 36 month term. The 16in MacBook Pro is £11.27 a week.