The 24 weirdest iPhone cases ever

From baby hands and breakfast to neck braces and stun guns, these are the 24 weirdest iPhone cases out there.


  • iPhone Ear case Giant ear
  • HANA iPhone Case Purple nose
  • iPhone Hand case Creepy hand
  • Bacon and Eggs Phone Case Bacon & eggs
  • Burger iPhone dock Burger & chips
  • iFork iSpoon The iFork
  • iPhone Retro Phone Memories of the 80s
  • TableConnect TableConnect iPhone case
  • tonefone 2 ToneFone
  • PageImage 487499 1910295 Vyne MovieII Vyne
  • JoeyBra JoeyBra
  • Yellow Jacket iPhone Stun Gun Stun gun
  • Spraytech iPhone case Pepper spray
  • Knucklecase Knucklecase
  • 1e70 in1 multi tool utility case for iphone IN1 Utility Case
  • 1b8e equalizer case iphone5 Equaliser Case
  • ee16 hard drive case for iphone Hard Drive Case
  • iPhone wallet case Wallet case
  • 17a4 nes controller case iphone NES controller
  • iPhone Clutch Case Handbag case
  • iPhone Flash Drive Case Flash drive
  • Glow In The Dark iPhone Case iGlow Case
  • iPhone Bottle Opener Case Bottle opener
  • Waterproof iPhone Speaker Case Splashproof speaker
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Thumbs Up Ear Case for iPhone

First on our list of weird iPhone cases is this ridiculous giant ear. Who doesn't want to look like the BFG when making a call? Nobody, that's who.

You can get the Thumbs Up Ear Case for iPhone for £6.99 from Amazon. It's designed for the iPhone 4, and should therefore fit the iPhone 4s too.

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Next Prev iPhone Ear case

First on our list of weird iPhone cases is this ridiculous giant ear. Who doesn't want to look like the BFG when making a call? Nobody, that's who.

You can get the Thumbs Up Ear Case for iPhone for £6.99 from Amazon. It's designed for the iPhone 4, and should therefore fit the iPhone 4s too.


Hana iPhone Case

Hana means nose in Japanese, apparently. Not that it seems much of an excuse for this nose-shaped iPhone case. According to the company behind the Hana iPhone Case, you can stick your fingers into the case's nostrils to hold the phone upright. Of course!

The Hana case is available for £6.13 here.


Japanese Hand case

This creepy iPhone case did the rounds a while back, but did you know that there are now two creepy iPhone hand models available? That means that it was popular enough for the range to be expanded, which we find difficult to believe.

You can choose between Nami's Hand and Yamato's Hand. Because the one thing that could possibly make attaching an artificial child's hand to your iPhone even creepier is choosing between two different make-believe children's hands. Weird.

And why is that guy proposing to his phone!?

Here's where you can get your very own hand case. Ick.


Bacon & Eggs iPhone case

Now that we've taken some time to discuss body part cases, let's move on to food. Yep, there are plenty of foodie cases for your iPhone, including the Bacon and Eggs iPhone case.

This bacon and eggs case looks so realistic it'll either make your mouth water or repulse you, depending on how hungry you're feeling. In addition to the Bacon & Eggs option, there are also noodle cases and rice cases, perhaps more suitable for vegetarians.  

You can get your very own Bacon and Eggs case here.


Burger iPhone Dock

Ok, so this one isn't technically a case, but it's kinda cool so we decided to include it. In fact, if you're feeling particularly adventurous, you could even use the Burger iPhone Dock in conjunction with your Bacon and Eggs case. It's simply a burger (and chips) shaped dock that'll hold your iPhone in an upright position for you. Perfect for the office, right?

If Sushi is more your thing, or maybe pancakes, there are options available for you here too.


The iFork

"An idea that needed to happen," says the maker of the iFork iPhone stand on Etsy. While we're not wholly sure how serious they are, this is a seriously forked iPhone stand.

If you'd prefer a landscape version, 'Forked Up Art' has thought of you, too. And for Spoon lovers, there's even an iSpoon case. Perfect.

There are lots of other Forked Up creations, all of which you can find here.


80s Retro iPhone case

Moving on from the food-related cases now, and we come to ridiculously big and impractical cases. The first in our list is the 80s Retro iPhone Case, which transports you back to the time when mobile phones didn't fit in your pocket, or even your bag. Annoying.


TableConnect iPhone case

We know what you're thinking… how cute! This case turns the iPhone into a dinky table. Nope! That's a full-sized table with a 60in display you're looking at. The iPhone is hooked up inside it.

As the press site says: "TableConnect allows users to connect their phone or tablet and instantly use any of the millions of available iOS and Android apps at a much larger scale.

You can't actually buy TableConnect, but you can rent it for your event if you want to (but only if you live in Austria, Germany or Switzerland).



This case is not only big, it's also ridiculously heavy. In fact, it's the heaviest iPhone case in the world.

It's actually quite a clever idea, though. It means every time you pick up your phone, you're working out a little bit! You wouldn't want to be carrying it around while you're out and about, but while you're at home it's kinda cool, don't you think?

Here's where you can buy the ToneFone for £22.90.


Vyne iPhone holder

On to wearables now, though probably not the kind of wearables you're used to seeing in the form of smartwatches or Google Glass.

This Vyne iPhone Holder is a "hands-free viewing accessory" that rests around your neck to keep your iPhone the perfect distance away for you while you're watching a movie or TV show, for example. Cool, but still pretty weird.


JoeyBra iPhone Holder

Then there's the JoeyBra iPhone holder, perfect for female clubbers and partygoers who want to do away with a bag. There's a pocket in the side of the bra that should fit your iPhone perfectly. Just make sure you wear a dress that makes that pocket easily accessible…


Yellow Jacket Case

The next collection of cases double up as self-defence mechanisms. They won't all be available in the UK, as they're not actually legal here, but we're including them because, well, they're weird.

The Yellow Jacket iPhone case is rather dangerous, but could protect your phone from getting stolen. The Yellow Jacket case turns your iPhone into a stun gun, delivering a shock to whoever you choose to use it on - presumably an attacker or thief but perhaps simply an annoying friend or colleague.

Er, we're kidding. Don't stun your colleagues.


Pepper Spray iPhone case

If you're not keen on the idea of carrying around a stun gun, there's also this Pepper Spray iPhone case available. It comes in different colours, too.



The Knucklecase for iPhone isn't designed to be used for self defence, but it's along those lines so we're including it here anyway as it's still pretty weird. It's actually kind of useful - ensuring that your iPhone can't be swiped from your hand.

There are lots of different colours, too, all available here


IN1 Utility Case

Most people just want a case to protect their iPhone from drops, or to look pretty. This is not a case for those people. This is a case for the Batmen and MacGyvers of the world who've got stuff to do, dammit. It comes complete with blue and red ballpoint pens, Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, nail file, tweezers, scissors, toothpick and a kickstand.

It also comes in an array of fetching colour combinations and can be bought here.


Equaliser Case for iPhone 5

Okay, this one is just straight-up cool. Powered by two cell batteries (so it won't drain your iPhone), the Equaliser Case for iPhone 5 reacts to music and sound and displays a graphic equaliser on the back. Okay, okay, fine, so it's not a real equaliser, but it reacts to your music and it looks the part, so really, what more can you ask for? Go ahead, get your groove on.


Hard Drive Case

If, like us, your home or office frequently has disembodied hard drives floating around, this Hard Drive case could provide some serious comedy value. Not only is it fashioned to look like the hard drives of days gone by, it's even got all the right barcodes and symbols. Storage nerds, unite!


Eyn wallet case

The amount of detritus we have in our pockets on a day-to-day basis can be such a hassle. The Eyn case aims to solve that by letting you store folding money and up to three cards in a compartment at the back of your iPhone. Good idea, but we can't help feeling it'd lead to more faffing about than it's worth.

Get it here.


NES Controller Case

Sure, we've seen cool, retro-designed cases before - old school cameras, Game Boys, cassette tapes and even one memorable one shaped like a Sega MegaDrive. But what sets this one aside from the pack, aside from the original Nintendo's timeless controller design, is the fact that you can actually press the buttons. They don't do anything, of course, but for some reason, the sheer tactile pleasure of being able to press the buttons give us a sense of childish glee.

1-up your iPhone here.


Clutchie iPhone Handbag Case

This iPhone case shaped like a miniature clutch purse is just delightful. We like to imagine people buying it and then putting it in bigger clutch purses for nights out, like some kind of handbag-based phone-ception. As an added bonus for the tech-savvy socialite on the go, it's also got an inbuilt pocket and mirror. Lovely.

You can pick up this season's latest must-have accessory here.


Veho SAEM S7 iPhone Case with integrated flash drive

Cloud storage is great, and Dropbox has saved our bacon more than once when it comes to file transfers. However, for sheer reliability, you can't beat a physical flash drive, and the Veho SAEM S7 has one built right into the case.

At 8GB, the capacity isn't too shabby, and it's cool to be able to whip out a flash drive from your iPhone like the office's answer to James Bond. The only problem is that the iPhone inside the case has no way to connect to the flash drive, which renders the whole enterprise a tiny bit absurd.


iGlow Case

Tired of fumbling around in the dark for your iPhone? Not any more! The iGlow case will light up your device like a little green Christmas tree. Be the star of your local rave scene! Attract unprecedented numbers of moths! Use as a nightlight for small children! The possibilities are endless.


Bottle Opener Case

It's always the worst thing when you're having a few beers with friends, and you realise none of you have a bottle opener. With this Bottle Opener Case, however, you'll never have to feel that way again.

The sturdy, reinforced construction means that you're in no danger of accidentally opening up your iPhone along with your tasty beverage, and it even comes with a free companion app for tracking your drinking prowess. Presumably useful for piecing together your night the morning after.


Splashproof Speaker Case

We're particularly partial to our jams here at Macworld, and having a bit of a boogie in the shower is one of the best things about getting ready in the morning. For those of us that like to get down while we scrub down, this splashproof speaker case is a blessing, allowing you to take your tunes into the shower with you. Powered by 3xAAA batteries, you can rock out to your heart's content.

Pump up the volume here.

This article contains additional reporting by Adam Shepherd

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