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With so many people using mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers, along with conventional laptops and netbooks; the demand for printing on the go has never been greater.

HP has stepped up to the challenge with a range of printers designed to work wirelessly with Apple’s AirPrint technology, which enables you to connect an iOS device to a printer over a WiFi network.

If that wasn’t enough, HP has taken things a step further with an email printing service called ePrint. This enables you to print a document from your mobile device wherever you are, by sending the document to your printer via a special email service.

Previously, if you were out and about and didn’t have time or the facilities at hand to hook up to a traditional printer, then you used to be stuck. This new technology really does revolutionise the way people print digital documents.

If you’ve got an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch then you can print directly with its built-in AirPrint function, which is compatible with all HP web-connected printers.

The printing revolution

AirPrint is the ultimate printing solution if you have an Apple mobile device. Tickets, maps, web pages, photos and more can all be printed with a few screen taps.

The beauty of AirPrint is that it enables wireless printing with no set-up or downloads required. What’s more, the printing takes place in the background, meaning you can carry on with other tasks in the meantime. It’s 100% cable-free too, so you can print from anywhere in the house.

The appeal of AirPrint is that it works in tandem with the likes of Safari, Mail, Photos, iWork and PDFs in iBooks. It’ll also perform admirably with any third-party apps you might be running, just as long as they have built-in printing capabilities. AirPrint is smart too, being able to automatically select photo paper if you’re printing a digital image. It can also output multiple jobs in a print queue that you have total control over.

Free and easy printing

To send a document from an iOS device to a HP printer, all you need to do is tap the Action icon choose Print, ensure a HP printer is selected and tap Print.

There’s a whole range of suitable AirPrint-compatible HP printers available: first and foremost the HP ENVY with its stylish sleek design, and also HP Photosmart, HP Deskjet, HP Officejet and HP Laserjet ranges. There’s something to suit any kind of printing requirement.

The HP ENVY 110, for example, is a stylish wireless e-All-in-One that has a full feature set, including web connectivity, a high-resolution TouchSmart screen, printing, scanning and copying capabilities. This sleek and compact design with glass lid is designed to fit anywhere around the house and can produce lab-quality photos through to pristine laser-style text documents.

What’s more, the HP ENVY 110 can deliver automatic two-sided documents while the optional high-capacity ink cartridges allow you to print much more before needing to buy new ink. This e-All-in-One boasts green credentials too, being the world’s first PVC-free printer.

The ePrint revolution

Apple’s AirPrint is not the only revolution in printing. HP was first to introduce a new technology called ePrint, which enables you to print from virtually anywhere by sending a document to your HP web-connected printer.

Simply select a file, a picture, a business document or a PDF on your email-capable device (2) and just email it to the HP ePrint-enabled printer using its own dedicated email address. It’s wonderfully straightforward. Print jobs are securely and reliably sent through email, right to your printer.

HP also has an ePrintCenter web service that enables you to check your printer’s status, add and remove print documents, manage ePrint settings, and view your job history from a mobile device.

HP ePrint technology enables you to print from a mobile device no matter where you are

What next for printing?

Put all of this high-tech practicality together and it’s easy to see why mobile printing from mobile devices is becoming hugely popular. More of us are using our gadgets on the go to take photos, as well as tackling office-style productivity tasks when we’re out and about. Home printing still matters, but this mobile option takes things to another level of convenience.

Having the capacity for printing files out remotely, simply by sending an email using a web connection, is likely to mean that increasing numbers of us will be enjoying high-quality printouts, even if we’re miles away from home or the office. It really doesn’t get much more handy, not to mention cooler than that.

FOOTNOTE (1)Supports the following devices running iOS 4.2 or later: iPad®, iPad2®, iPhone® (3GS or later), iPod touch® (3rd generation or later). Works with HP’s AirPrint-enabled printers and requires the printer be connected to the same network as your iOS device. Wireless performance is dependent upon physical environment and distance from the access point. AirPrint, the AirPrint Logo, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple® Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

FOOTNOTE (2) Requires an Internet connection to the printer. Feature works with any Internet- and e-mail-capable device. Print times will vary based on connection speed and other factors.

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