Just Mobile creates accessories for life; products that not only look great, but which are also designed to solve real-life problems. That’s especially true with its range of travel accessories, which can help you make the most of your mobile devices when you’re on the move.

Xtand Go

The Xtand Go is ideal for drivers who want to use Apple Maps or other navigation apps.

The Xtand Go (£26.95) is ideal for drivers who want to use Apple Maps or other navigation software. This compact stand includes a suction cup that allows you to attach it to your windscreen, or you can use the glue-free Go Buttons if you prefer to attach it to the dashboard or glove compartment instead. The stand includes a mounting bracket for the latest iPhone 5, or you can use the handy Go Buttons to mount older models, and other devices such as an iPod touch or a sat-nav. You can also mount your iPhone without removing it from its case – just remove the mounting bracket from the Xtand Go and use the Go Button to hold it in place.

The Xtand Go also features an innovative folding arm that allows you to quickly adjust the viewing angle of your iPhone, or to switch between landscape and portrait modes, while still leaving the iPhone’s dock connector free for charging. And, of course, Just Mobile has an accessory for that too; the Highway Pro charge adaptor.

Highway Pro

With the Highway Pro,you can charge your iPhone and iPad in the car.

Available in black or silver, the Highway Pro (£34.95) plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter, while its eye-catching aluminium head provides two separate USB ports for charging your iPhone, iPad and other USB devices. There’s a 1-amp USB port for phones, while the second USB socket provides 2-amp output for high-charge devices such as the iPad. The Highway Pro is Apple-certified, so it’s safe to charge two iPhones or iOS devices at the same time using both USB ports, and there’s also a built-in fuse to prevent damage from a sudden power surge. The Highway Pro also includes an Apple-certified coiled charging cable, so you can charge your iPhone whenever you need to.

AluPen Pro

The AluPen Pro can be used for making notes on an iPad or an old-fashioned pad.

Just Mobile can help when you step out of the car, too. Its AluPen Pro (£34.95) is a versatile, space-saving stylus, with a soft rubber nib that’s great for scribbling notes on an iPad, sketching ideas for clients or simply playing games at the end of a long day. And if you need to take notes the old-fashioned way, then you can simply switch it around and use the AluPen Pro as a stylish ballpoint pen. The AluPen Pro is available in black, silver and red, and includes a handy carrying case to keep it safe. You can even refill the pen using standard refills from any stationery store.

Gum Max Duo

Just Mobile’s Gum Max Duo is a compact, yet powerful backup battery.

The latest addition to Just Mobile’s range of travel accessories is the Gum Max Duo (£109.95). This compact, yet powerful backup battery pack is ideal for charging your iPhone or iPad when you’re travelling – and with its twin USB ports it can even charge both at the same time.

Like the Highway Pro charger, the Gum Max Duo includes a 1-amp USB port for phones, and a 2.4-amp port that provides a higher charge for the iPad. Its super-charged 1,1200mAh battery pack is powerful enough to give you a full seven hours of extra battery life on an iPad, while its 8-LED charge indicator always lets you know how much power you have left. The Gum Max Duo is tough too, as it’s constructed out of sturdy high-grade aluminium, and includes a shockproof rubber case – available in several colours – to keep it safe no matter where you are.