The centrepiece of your desk, of course, is your Mac. If you have an iMac or an Apple monitor then the chances are that it’s currently propped up on an old telephone directory – just like mine. Well you can throw the telephone directory in the recycling bin now, thanks to the Drawer (£89.95), a combined stand and storage unit designed specifically for the iMac and Apple monitors.

The sleek aluminium stand raises your computer display to a more comfortable height, and also includes a handy drawer where you can store your iPhone, external hard drive and other accessories. Two cable holes at the back of the drawer allow you to keep your devices connected to your computer so that you can carry on using them even when they’re tucked neatly out of sight.

There’s even a handy little groove carved onto the top of the Drawer so that you can rest a pen or pencil there without it rolling away across your desk. We also like to use Just Mobile’s award-winning AluCube Mini (£17.95) with the Drawer. The AluCube Mini keeps all those stray cables nice and neat, and includes two adhesive patches so that you can fix it onto the Drawer or any other convenient surface. Each pack includes two AluCube Minis, so you can keep one in your office and slip the other into a bag with your laptop.

Just Mobile makes elegant, practical stands for other Apple devices too. The AluCup (£29.95) is a sturdy aluminium stand designed for both the iPhone and the iPad Mini. You can stand your iPhone upright inside the AluCup and use its four cable slots to charge it from your Mac, or rest it on the soft rubber edges of the AluCup in order to tilt the iPhone to a more convenient angle for viewing the screen. The AluCup works with the iPad Mini too, allowing you to tilt it back while storing your cables inside it.

If you have a 10-inch iPad then the Just Mobile Encore is the ideal option for both work and play. The circular aluminium Encore is light and compact, so it won’t take up much space on your desk, and its adjustable, rubberized arm allows you to alter the angle of the iPad while protecting it and keeping it scratch-free. Just tilt the arm upwards to watch video, or press it down to provide a firm support for typing onto the iPad screen. You can also fold the arm down flat if you want to slip the Encore into a backpack or travelling bag when you’re on the road.

A good companion for the Encore in your off-duty hours is the Just Mobile HeadStand. Available in either black or silver to match your headphones and other accessories, the HeadStand is the best place to hang your headphones when you’re not using them – especially if you need to charge up the battery in your Bluetooth or noise-cancelling headphones. The circular design of the HeadStand makes it a great companion for the Encore, but it’s practical too, allowing you to tidy up your headphone cables and keep your desk tidy.

And when you leave the office you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re protecting your iPhone with the Just Mobile AluFrame (£69.95). Made out of tough, aerospace-grade aluminium and lined with soft rubber, the AluFrame’s innovative catch mechanism allows it to instantly clip into place around the edges of your iPhone keeping it safe all day long.