With WeatherPro’s high resolution weather maps, you get stunning graphics and granularity. Premium subscribers can access multiple layers of advanced weather information on the maps. 

Launched on the iPhone back in 2008 and on iPad in 2010, WeatherPro instantly became one of the best loved weather apps in Europe. Since then, the developers at MeteoGroup, Europe’s largest private sector weather business, have added tonnes of new user-requested features and optimised the apps to use the latest iOS enhancements.

Two of the more recent features released on WeatherPro are stunning high resolution weather maps and worldwide weather alerts. The extra granularity in the high resolution maps is unique to WeatherPro and enables you to zoom right in to get a more accurate reading of the local weather. Premium subscribers can access multiple layers of advanced weather information on the maps including lightning tracker (providing an overview of storms in Europe from the previous four hours), precipitation type radar in Europe (showing the di­erence between rain, freezing rain, snow and so on), radar forecasts, worldwide visible and infrared satellite images, air pressure, heat maps and cloud cover forecasts. 

High customer demand led to the development of the weather alerts feature which highlights when extreme weather, such as high winds, heavy rain or low/high temperatures, is forecast in the next three days. The alert appears on the forecast screen and is colour coded to represent low, medium and high warnings. An easy to read graph and explanation provides additional detail. 

The quality of these features and the accuracy of the forecasts, are fundamental to WeatherPro. This is not a gimmicky weather app! It’s one that provides all the information you need, in an easy to read, easy to understand, graphically stunning but still practical format so that you can use it in your everyday life. Whether you check the weather for work, sports, travel or simply to plan your day or the week ahead, WeatherPro is the only weather app you will ever need. 

Features on WeatherPro include 3-hourly forecasts (1 hourly for Premium subscribers), wind direction and speed, air pressure maps, likelihood of rain, humidity levels and temperature.

Never get caught out by extreme weather with WeatherPro‘s worldwide alerts and warning levels