Just Mobile’s AluBase is crafted from a single piece of high-grade aluminium, and will perfectly complement your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.

Just Mobile started out in 2005 when its founders, Erich Huang and Nils Gustafsson met in the Bauhaus design museum in Berlin – drawn together by their admiration for a Wilhelm Wagenfeld lamp. Although Erich was born in Taiwan and Nils in Germany, the two quickly discovered a shared love of design and formed Just Mobile, with the aim of creating “the most stylish mobile accessories in the world”.

“Everything we do is guided by our vision to unify form and function,” explains Gustafsson. “Form follows function – or ‘simplism’ – these ideas were not created by us, but they are guiding principles even when we are brainstorming new products. There’s too much electronic waste, so we devote ourselves to creating something iconic and timeless.”

The company started out making accessories for Windows Mobile phones, but everything changed when Apple launched the iPhone in 2007. “The iPhone arrived and we fell head over heels in love,” says Gustafsson. “We put all our old projects aside and began work on creating the most beautiful possible stand.” 

The result was Just Mobile’s award-winning Xtand, which has proven popular with thousands of iPhone users – and also been imitated by many rivals. The company now has a collection of more than 30 different products, including the popular AluPen stylus and the Gum battery packs.

“We create accessories for life. That means our products aren’t just designed to perform beautifully – they’re also built to last.” With that in mind, Just Mobile uses aluminium as the base material in all its products. This lightweight, elegant material is long-lasting and durable, but is also environmentally friendly and easy to recycle. And, of course, aluminium is also favoured by Apple in many of its designs, which means Just Mobile’s products make the perfect companion for your iMac, MacBook and other Apple products. 

Just Mobile’s office in Germany works with the best designers here in Europe, including its own in-house design team, as well as studios such as Tools Design in Denmark. But while aluminium is light and beautiful to look at, it isn’t always easy to work with, so Just Mobile also has a manufacturing centre in Taiwan, which has developed special skills and techniques that allow them to create complex shapes out of a single piece of aluminium. 

Award-winning designs

Just Mobile’s latest project is a collaboration with the award-winning Danish designer, Jakob Wagner. Well-known for his design work with companies such as Menu and Stelton, and included among the permanent collection in New York’s Museum Of Modern Art, Jakob has worked with Just Mobile to develop the AluBase and AluRack stands.

The AluBase is a simple, elegant stand designed for use with the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. The sturdy AluBase is crafted from a single piece of high-grade aluminium and includes soft plastic inserts that are designed to accommodate the various MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Retina models. It turns the MacBook into an elegant desktop sculpture and is the best way to use your MacBook with an external monitor and keyboard.

Owners of the Apple iMac or Apple displays can also use the new AluRack. This ingenious aluminium rack attaches to the stand at the back of the iMac or Apple Display, allowing you to discretely attach a laptop or an external hard drive, reducing clutter and saving space on your desktop. 

Just Mobile is currently working on the forthcoming Gum Max Duo, a powerful battery pack capable of charging your iPad for up to seven hours, or using its twin USB ports to charge both and iPad or iPhone at the same time.