Cyber Monday, the last day of the Black Friday sales weekend, may have originated from the US, but it's becoming increasingly popular in the UK. After all, who doesn't want to indulge in incredible discounts online on big-brands products?

In this article we outline how to make the most of the current Apple deals, but also share everything we know about Cyber Monday 2019.

When and what is Cyber Monday 2019?

Cyber Monday is Monday, 2 December 2019. Cyber Monday always falls on the Monday after US Thanksgiving and Black Friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving. The deals continue across the weekend, through Cyber Monday and on into the week after (often referred to as Cyber Week). Sales seem to last longer every year as retailers try to squeeze every possible drop out of the season.

On Cyber Monday retailers across the globe offer huge discounts to shoppers both online and in stores. Cyber Monday was given that name because it tended to be the busiest day of the year for online shopping.

It's unusual to find a retailer or brand that doesn't take part in Cyber Monday, and as the event gets more popular the deals become even more aggressive. Expect to see plenty of incredible bargains.

Best Apple deals for Cyber Monday

Before we help you find the Apple deal for you, here's an overview of some of the best Apple deals right now.

What is Apple doing for Cyber Monday 2019?

Apple kicked off a 'shopping event' on Black Friday and this will continue up to and including Cyber Monday 2019.

Read our guide to Apple's Black Friday shopping event for the full details. But here's the gist: instead of offering discounts on its products, Apple gives out free gift cards when you purchase selected products from the Apple Store.

Here's what you stand to receive. To reiterate, this is not a reduction in the price, but the value of the gift card you get in addition, after paying full price for the product. It's added at the checkout.

You may note from the above that Apple isn't including purchases of new devices. The iPhone 11 generation, iPad 10.2in, Apple Watch Series 5, AirPods Pro and 16in MacBook Pro are not part of the promotion.

That's not all Apple is doing though. The company hasteamed up with Shazam (which Apple now owns) to give away six months of Apple Music for free to new users (and three months free music to lapsed subscribers). Here's how to get your six months free subscription to Apple Music.

Thankfully, Apple isn't the only place you'll find deals on its products. Third-party retailers across the US, UK and beyond are offering deals on iPhones, iPads, Macs and more on Cyber Monday, and we'll be sharing the best bargains right here.

How to get the best Cyber Monday deals

Spotting a good Cyber Monday deal takes a bit of work but luckily we have pulled together all the best Apple deals by product in the following deal roundups. We include the prices that you would pay if you bought the product (or equivalent product) from Apple.

Once you know what you're looking for, check out our dedicated deals pages. We spend hours scouring the web for the best promotions every month so you have them at your fingertips:

If you want to compare the different Apple products and their prices, Apple conveniently charts configurations and starting prices on its products:

  • MacBook and iMacs - see pricing differences across MacBook and iMac models based on screen size, processors, storage and more. You can choose up to two devices to compare side by side.
  • iPads - compare capacities and prices across all iPads, including Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi and Cellular models
  • iPhones - use the drop down on Apple's site to compare configurations on up to three different iPhone models. Clicking through to an individual model will take you to the RRP.
  • Apple Watch - see prices across all Series, both GPS and Cellular models.
  • Apple TV - compare capacity and price across Apple TV against Apple TV 4K.

Where to find Cyber Monday Apple deals

Beyond Apple, you can expect to find great Cyber Monday deals from authorised Apple resellers such as KRCS. KRCS covers the full range of Apple products, including AppleCare coverage and Beats headphones.

Of course, Amazon is the ultimate Cyber Monday juggernaut to watch. We would recommend signing up for the 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime so you can take advantage of the Lightning Deals.

Lightning Deals slash prices off limited stock items, which is why the deals only last a few hours. The benefit of a Prime membership is that you would be able to access the Lightning Deals 30 minutes in advance of non-members, which can come particularly handy in the madness of Cyber Monday.

Amazon has a dedicated Cyber Monday deals page. Keep tabs on this for some top Apple deals.

It's a good idea to keep an eye on the competing retailers that offer Apple products, some of which include:

If you're in the US, see these major retailers:

How to prepare for Cyber Monday deals

Remember, don't jump into a deal before understanding whether the device will be right for you. If you know you're looking for a new Apple device, but not sure where to start, check out our range of buying guides for Apple:

We also have more specific buying guides for those interested in Macs:

Cyber Monday deals for students

Cyber Monday is also a good opportunity for students in need of a discount. Macworld UK has a dedicated Student Deals page where you can save up to 10% on Apple products already. This includes up to 10% off Mac, 5% off the iPad, 50% off AppleCare and up to 8% off accessories.

To get the student discount, you will first need to create an account and verify your student status. Sign up for Macworld student deals here.

Best Apple deals

Here are the best Apple deals you can take advantage of on Cyber Monday:

1. Apple iPhone 11 Pro (64GB) with 100GB data

From: Three

Now: £62 per month (plus £240 cashback)

Pick up the new iPhone 11 Pro on contract with Three with a huge amount of data. There's no upfront fee, and once you factor in the cashback offer it works out at an effective £52 a month - nice.

2. Apple iPhone XS with 100GB data

From: Three

Now: £36 per month

Three's excellent deal has dropped even lower. The monthly cost beats the competition, there's no upfront fee, and you get masses of data. Superb.

3. Apple iPhone 11 with 60GB data

From: O2

Now: £99 upfront, £39 per month

Pick up the latest iPhone from Carphone Warehouse and get 60GB data from O2 in this online-only deal.

4. Apple Watch Series 5 (40mm)

From: Amazon

Was: £399

Now: £379  (£20 off)

Apple's latest and greatest smartwatch is available for a sliver less than usual, thanks to this great Amazon deal.

5. Apple 15in MacBook Pro, 2.3GHz six-core i7, 16GB RAM, 256GB (2019)

From: Laptops Direct

Was: £2,799

Now: £2,299.97  (£499 off)

Laptops Direct has serious money off the 2019 15in MacBook Pro with Intel's 8-core 2.3GHz i9 processor which was discontinued and replaced with the new 16in model in November 2019.

6. Apple 21.5in iMac, 3.6GHz quad-core, 4K Retina Display, 1TB Hard Drive (2019)

From: John Lewis

Was: £1,249

Now: £1,100  (£149 off)

John Lewis has money off the 2019 3.6GHz quad-core iMac (£1,249 at Apple).  This model isn't the cheapest iMac - Apple still sells a 2017 model at the entry-level, but with this price cut this Mac is much better value than the entry-level model.

Laptops Direct also discounts this model and sometimes has a bigger discount here (although not right now).

7. Apple 27in iMac, 3.0GHz six-core, 5K Retina Display, 1TB Fusion Drive (2019)

From: Laptops Direct

Was: £1,749

Now: £1,579.79  (£169 off)

Get money off the new 2019 27in iMac with Laptops Direct. This is 2019's 3.0GHz six-core model with 1TB Fusion drive that normally costs £1,749.

It's also worth tracking Amazon's offering as they often match Laptop Directs's prices.

8. Apple iPhone XS (SIM-free)

From: John Lewis

Was: £999

Now: £629  (£370 off)

A fantastic deal. The XS remains an excellent phone, despite having been effectively replaced by the iPhone 11 Pro.

9. Apple Watch Series 4 (44mm, refurbished)

From: Apple Refurbished Store

Was: £379

Now: £319  (£60 off)

If you can live without cellular connectivity, you can save even more money on the discontinued Apple Watch Series 4 (44mm) at Apple's Refurb Store.

10. Apple 13in MacBook Air, 1.6GHz dual-core, 128GB (2019) [JL]

From: John Lewis

Was: £1,099

Now: £985  (£114 off)

John Lewis is offering money off the 2019 MacBook Air with this deal. You can get money off the Gold or the Space Grey edition.

11. Apple 13in MacBook Pro, 1.4GHz, quad-core, 128GB (2019)

From: Currys PC World

Was: £1,299

Now: £1,146  (£153 off)

Currys is offering money off the entry-level 2019 13in MacBook Pro, which, thanks to Apple's 2019 update is now a decent Mac.

John Lewis has a similar deal. You can also get the 2019 13in MacBook Pro from John Lewis for £1,146 here and here.

12. Apple Mac mini, 3.6GHz quad-core, 128GB (2018)

From: Amazon

Was: £799

Now: £712  (£101 off)

This is a small but decent saving on the price of the 2018 quad-core 3.6GHz Mac mini. Note Amazon and Laptops Direct chase each other's prices on this one so it might be worth checking to see if the other is beating it first.

13. Apple iPad Pro 10.5in (2017, renewed)

From: Amazon

Was: £529

Now: £384.99  (£144 off)

This is a great price on the Wi-Fi 10.5in iPad Pro. Note that it's part of the generation before the current one, having launched in 2017 - the iPad Pro 10.5in is still a powerful device, though - and 'renewed' devices are Amazon's equivalent of Apple's refurbished line, which means it's second-hand but fixed up and backed by a new guarantee.

14. Apple Watch Series 3 (38mm)

From: Argos

Was: £199

Now: £189  (£10 off)

With £10 off the relatively affordable RRP, this is a good saving on the smaller 38mm version of the Series 3. In fact, this is the cheapest you can buy it online right now. 

15. Apple iPhone XR with 16GB data

From: EE

Now: £150 upfront, £28 per month

A solid deal on the XR with a moderate allocation of data. Scroll down to see more contracts.

If you can manage with less data, consider ID's 1GB and 2GB contracts, which can get total cost of ownership as low as £793.75.

16. Apple 27in iMac, 3.7GHz six-core, 5K Retina Display, 2TB Fusion Drive (2019)

From: Currys PC World

Was: £2,249

Now: £2,049  (£200 off)

Save money on the 2019 iMac with this deal from Currys PC World. It's better than the firm's advertised discount because this is the top-of-the-range £2,249 model.

Note that Amazon also has a similar deal on this model here.

17. Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case (early 2019)

From: Laptops Direct

Was: £199

Now: £158.97  (£40.03 off)

Laptops Direct has the best AirPods deal at the moment and you can get the non-wireless charging case model for just £128. This is a solid deal (Apple is still asking the full £199 for this model, but be aware that AirPods Pro have since been launched.)

18. Apple iPhone 8 with 100GB data

From: Three

Now: £29 per month

This is an excellent iPhone 8 deal with a whole heap of data. Grab it now.

19. Best iPhone 11 deals

From: Macworld UK

Now: Contract & SIM-free

Don't pay any more than you need to for Apple's new iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max handsets.

20. Apple Watch Series 4 (44mm, cellular, refurbished)

From: Apple Refurbished Store

Was: £479

Now: £409  (£70 off)

If you want to pick up the discontinued Apple Watch Series 4, you'll get £70 off the cellular 44mm variant via Apple's own Refurbished Store.