Working from home has become hugely popular and it’s not hard to see why. After all, there’s no commute involved, you can work to your own schedule and, thanks to a dazzling array of high-tech hardware and super-cool software, getting through the unrelenting list of daily tasks is easy.

Of course, for any kind of business it’s always a case that time is money, and for home workers there’s a real need to keep things ticking over as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. The best way around this is to invest in the latest technology and software applications.

The way forward

A core item that needs to be included in any high-tech home business arsenal is, of course, the humble printer simply because it’s central to staying productive. However, now that both inkjet and laser printers are more affordable than ever, it can actually prove a little tough deciding which one to go for.

Traditionally, home workers have been happy to utilise the powerful potential of a laser printer, because these have always been associated with producing dependable results during high-volume print jobs. They’ve also been perceived as the most realistic way of enjoying frugal running costs too.

New Kodak printers including the Hero 7.1 combine high-tech hardware and super-cool software to produce a formidable All-in-One package.

Conversely, it’s the inkjet printer that gets the vote from many other home office workers, who actually prefer the flexibility, that one of these multi-purpose devices offers. After all, while many people working from home need to print multiple mono documents; increasingly we are all outputting many more high-quality images and graphics during the course of our daily printing duties.

As a result, many workers are turning towards a printer that can amalgamate all of these printing challenges into a fast and efficient one-stop device.

Unbeatable value

A perfect example of this compromise between the inkjet and laser device is the new Kodak Office Hero 6.1 printer, for a whole variety of reasons. While some of us are probably not entirely sure about what differences separate an inkjet from a laser printer, you’ll probably be aware that running either has traditionally proved to be expensive, mainly due to replacing consumables such as ink cartridges.

The Kodak Hero range has an enviable reputation for delivering the UK's lowest ink replacement costs.

In fact, this cost factor has also been enough to put some home businesses off using a printer altogether, with the main fear being that an expensive ink-guzzling device could carve into profits. At a time when it’s more important than ever to keep a firm reign on costs then this is perhaps a justified concern, but somewhat unfounded.

Indeed, recruiting a printer like the Kodak All-in-One Office Hero 6.1 will not only boost productivity, it’ll offer unbeatable efficiency and minimal day-to-day running costs. Better still, using a do it all printer such as this, means that you’ll also have some incredibly useful technology at your disposal too.

Save money

It’s those cost savings of running something like an All-in-One that home business owners will really appreciate. Much has been written about the high cost of home printing associated with traditionally designed printers, be they inkjet or laser. However, the Office Hero 6.1 has an enviable reputation for delivering the UKs lowest ink replacement costs – and that’s a fact.

No matter what kind of print jobs you need to get done, the flexibility offered by this type of All-in-One transforms daily printing duties. From high-volume office document printing through to outputting vibrant full-colour digital images, the Office Hero 6.1 can deliver high-end printing and superb value at the same time. So, in that respect, it’s now easy to recoup the minimal cost of buying a device like this, simply through saving on ink replacement over the life of the printer.

Kodak smart sensor technology allows you to get detailed feedback on how long print jobs will take and the amount of ink and paper that will be needed.

Work smart

While saving money is key to any printer earning its keep, home workers also need a comprehensive range of high-tech tools at their disposal. Again, a sophisticated new All-in-One like this comes complete with a formidable feature set that will boost productivity instantly.

Get your work done in half the time by utilising the services of the duplex document feeder or carry out automatic double-sided printing, copying, scanning and faxing and all with one-touch simplicity. The Office Hero 6.1 even has the capacity for holding a stack of paper in its 35-page two-sided automatic document feeder (or ADF for short) and getting on with large jobs while you go and do something else.

High-tech Hero

Modern hardware and software solutions also mean the ultimate in convenience when it comes to when and how you print. For example, these Hero All-in-One printers now offer the capacity for printing directly from a smartphone, laptop or tablet device. Simply call on the services of the latest Google Cloud Print-enabled software apps, which includes powerful and free-to-use office solutions such as Google Docs and Gmail.

Home business users can now send emails and attachments to their Kodak printer from anywhere too, using any email account, by enlisting the help of the Kodak Email Print Service. Adding to the freedom and flexibility that this option provides is the fact that you can also share the printer’s unique email address with friends, family, colleagues and clients too in order to receive printed files or photos.

The ultimate answer

Combine this cost effectiveness with boundless functionality and it’s little wonder that people running a business from home are seeing the obvious benefits of getting themselves kitted out with a state of the art All-in-One. The savings on your time will be immediately obvious to see, which is further boosted by automatic print alerts.

Touchscreen functionality and an amazingly simple wireless printing set-up makes the Hero All-in-One printer range completely user-friendly.

Kodak’s Home Centre Software is an all-encompassing software solution for any kind of printing task that works in tandem with its smart sensor technology. It means you’ll be able to get detailed feedback on how long print jobs will take, if there’s enough paper to complete it and also if there’s enough ink too. Such is the power behind this software that you’ll also be able to know this even when you’re working on your PC remotely.

As if all that wasn’t enough, there is also the undeniably enjoyable aspect of working wirelessly. Thanks to the cable-free options that come with the Hero All-in-One printers, it’s possible to set up Wi-Fi functionality in mere moments, meaning that any kind of document can be sent to your shiny new printer from any location around the home or office and all without any kind of fuss or bother. Easy.