To take full advantage of the new iPad’s 2,048x1,536-pixel display, apps need to update their graphics. That means bigger file sizes, even on older iOS devices. Soon, your 16GB iPhone or iPad may start reporting that it’s out of storage space.

Here are some ways to free up room on your app- and data-packed device.

Turn to iTunes Match

If you have a massive music collection and can spare £21.99 per year, you should consider signing up for iTunes Match. With that service, Apple stores your music in iCloud, so your entire library appears on your iOS device without taking up any of its storage space. Once you’ve signed up in iTunes on your PC or Mac, you can remove music from your iOS device whenever you need space.

Drop a Few Apps

When deleting apps, focus on the ones you use the least, in particular those that take up the most space. Go to Settings > General > Usage to see apps listed by size. GarageBand and iMovie each gobble up more than a gigabyte of storage space; if you never use them, now might be the time to bid them adieu. (You can reinstall them from the App Store later.) You can delete apps from within the Usage screen: tap the name of the app, and then the Delete App button.

Video can eat up space as well. While you can’t remove the Video app, you can delete individual films you’ve stored in it. If you synced movies eons ago and no longer need them, remove those too.

Photo Management

Photos and video shot with your iOS device can take up just as much space as apps, particularly when recorded with the much-improved cameras on the latest iPhones. It’s a good idea to back them up and then take them off your device. You can import your photos via Photo Stream, or connect your iOS device directly to your Mac and import the files that way. iPhoto offers to delete the images and videos it imports. Another way to make quick work of deleting photos from your device is with Image Capture.

Tweaking settings can save you some space. Some third-party camera apps, such as the free Instagram ( and Camera+ (on sale for 69p,, offer options to save your photos – only within the app, or within your Camera Roll as well. Instagram and others let you specify whether you want to save an original photo, the edited version, both, or neither. You can save space by compromising here.