7 Facebook notification

Once Facebook is set up, you’ll be able to read posts in the Notification Centre (accessed by dragging your finger down from the top of the screen) you can also post directly from here. This should make it easier to interact with Facebook on the iPhone.

8 Facebook contacts

Perhaps the most useful Facebook-related feature is direct integration with the Contacts app. This means that once you’ve connected iOS to Facebook your Contacts will sync with Facebook. So if a friend changes their email on Facebook, it’ll also update on your iOS device (although this was included in the Facebook app, it now works more tightly with iOS).

If a friend’s details are updated, these will change in your Contacts app

9 Siri business in the UK

iOS 6 brings a number of improvements to Siri, but one of the most important for UK users is that there’s now international support for Siri to locate business information in Maps. So you can now ask Siri for business information, such as “find me an Italian restaurant”, and get search results in Maps.

10 Siri sports and films

Siri has also learnt about sport, and will be able to provide detailed information about different players and statistics. Scott Forstall showed off baseball information, and mentioned that it would include the English Premier League.

If you want to keep up to date with the latest scores, you can now ask Siri

11 Siri app launch

Another new Siri feature (one that’s working in the beta) is the ability to launch apps just by saying their name to Siri. While this is a small feature, the packed nature of iOS Home screens makes it a welcome one.

12 Siri on iPad

Siri is now also available for the iPad: holding down the Home button brings up a Siri box that pops up next to the Home button. It works in largely the same manner as the iPhone 4S, but you may find it suits the sit-back nature of the iPad better than the iPhone. Only the second- and third-generation iPad models run Siri, so owners of the first-generation iPad are out of luck.