13 Phone app: Remind with message

If you can’t take a phone call, you can choose from a set of three stock responses to send a message: “I’ll call you later”, “I’m on my way” and “What’s up?” A fourth “Custom” option lets you type in your own text. You push up the Answer Call slider (in a similar manner to accessing the Camera from the Home Screen) to get to the responses.

14 Phone app: Remind me when I leave

A nice touch is the Remind Me When I Leave option, which uses location services to deliver the reminder when you move from that place.

15 Reminders app

The Reminders app will have location services built in, which will make it infinitely more practical. With iOS 6 you will be able to set locations, such as Home and Work, and then receive Reminders when you arrive at that location (rather than just by specific times).

You’ll now be sent a reminder when you arrive at a specific location

16 Do Not Disturb

Another neat new feature is Do Not Disturb, which enables you to silence incoming calls and messages. There’s a switch in Settings to turn the function on or off, and when Do Not Disturb is activated, a moon icon appears in the top bar. When this is activated you won’t receive any phone calls or alerts (messages will still arrive, but no sound will be made).

If you want some peace and quiet, this option will silence incoming calls and messages

17 Do Not Disturb schedule

You can also schedule Do Not Disturb. The settings are currently located in the Notifications. Here you can click Schedule on and use the From and To pickers to choose quiet hours. An Allow Calls From setting enables exceptions for people or groups of people (the default is Favourites).

18 VIP inbox

iOS 6 introduces a second Mail inbox called VIP that displays messages in your main inbox from selected people (or groups). These VIPs have a star next to them (you indicate who’s a VIP using Mail messages or contacts).