19 Add images to email

There’s a new way to insert photos or video in the Compose window. You can now tap the text to bring up the window, tap the right arrow twice (which moves to Quote Level, then Insert Photo or Video) and click this to make your choice from the Photos app. Once you’ve picked a photo or video clip, it’ll be inserted into the email message.

20 Password Office docs

You can now open password-protected office docs, which will make life easier for those of us who have to view these (previously we could view them using an app like Docs2Go).

21 Apple Passbook

Passbook is another new app that will become a vital part of the iOS experience. Increasingly, when people purchase tickets for events or book into an airport (and get a boarding card) these are sent electronically. Passbook is an attempt to provide an integrated iOS solution that holds all of these in an Apple app. These can then be accessed from the Home screen, or inside the app itself. So you can present a barcode from your Passbook App and scan in at airports and events.

This handy app will store all your electronic tickets and boarding passes

22 Safari iCloud

Safari makes use of iCloud syncing to enable tabs open on one iOS device, to be quickly accessed on another. Clicking on the small iCloud icon in the menu bar enables you to view all open web pages on all your devices.

23 Offline Reading List

Reading List (a feature where you save interesting web pages to read later) has been available since iOS 5, but now it will cache the pages, so you can read them without having to reload the page.

24 Guided Access

This is an interesting new Accessibility feature, primarily aimed at children with autism. Once turned on (by triple-clicking the Home button) it locks the device to a single app, so clicking the Home button does not leave the app.
What’s more, you can use Guided Access to draw circles around buttons inside apps you want to disable, limiting the amount of interaction with an app.