25 New-look Music app

The Music app now features a refreshed design with a lighter, greyish design with grey buttons at the bottom (more in keeping with iTunes on the Mac). The Play, Next and Previous track buttons have a dividing line between them and are more distinct, and the Slider controls have a larger circular button.

26 New App Store

Both the App Store and Music Store also have a new look and some new features. You can now scroll left and right across categories. When installing apps, you can see the loading bar inside Store itself. This makes it easier to reinstall apps using the Purchased menu.

27 Apps and songs in Facebook

Another neat Facebook feature is that you can now like and share apps and songs from the iTunes and App Store apps to Facebook.

28 3G FaceTime

You’ll now be able to use FaceTime video when connected via 3G, rather than just Wi-Fi. It’s not a marquee feature, but will be incredibly useful to those who like to use FaceTime on a regular basis. This will work incredibly well for users (mostly in the US) with 4G LTE connections.

29 Shared Photo Stream

You can now share photos and albums from your Photo Stream with other iOS 6 users. Photo Stream works with iCloud, so pictures taken on an iPhone, say, will be displayed on another iOS device. You’ll be able to select photos and share them with other iOS users, and they’ll appear inside their Photos app.

Photos taken on an iPhone can be viewed on another iOS device

30 Photo comments and alerts

You can now add comments to your Photos: when they’re shared with other friends they’ll get alerts and notifications. While it’s a small feature it makes the Photos app much more sociable.