It’s been an amazing year for Apple, with soaring sales of Macs and iPhones, and innovative new products such as the iPad emerging that break entirely new ground. Even the aging iPod has gained a new lease of life this year with major updates for the iPod nano and iPod touch. And, of course, each new Apple gadget spawns its own army of cases, speakers and other accessories for us to play with. So here’s our guide to the latest, greatest gifts and gadgets for Mac users.

Fujifilm FinePix Z700 EXR
Price £159

We’ve seen plenty of cameras that can automatically focus on people’s faces, but the FinePix Z700 is the first one that can recognise the faces of cats and dogs to help you take better shots of your pets. The Z700 also boasts 12-megapixel resolution for still photos and 720p resolution when recording video, along with a 5x optical zoom and a large, 3.5in preview screen. All those features are crammed into a sleek design that measures barely 2cm thick, making it ideal for slipping into a bag or pocket.

Etymotic HF3
Price £129.99

It’s vital that in-ear phones form a good fit inside the ear in order to be comfortable and to provide good sound quality. With the new HF3 headphones the emphasis is very much on comfort. They include soft Accu-Fit earpieces in several sizes to help you get the best fit. Etymotic has also done a deal with
a company called ACS to provide custom moulded earpieces at a discount price. The audio quality is pretty good too, and the HF3 also includes a remote control and microphone for the iPhone.