It’s been an amazing year for Apple, with soaring sales of Macs and iPhones, and innovative new products such as the iPad emerging that break entirely new ground. Even the aging iPod has gained a new lease of life this year with major updates for the iPod nano and iPod touch. And, of course, each new Apple gadget spawns its own army of cases, speakers and other accessories for us to play with. So here’s our guide to the latest, greatest gifts and gadgets for Mac users.

Audyssey Audio Dock
Price £349.99

The Audyssey Audio Dock features Bluetooth connectivity to enable audio streaming from a Bluetooth-enabled device – including the iPhone. Behind the Audio Dock’s grilles are a pair of 4in woofers and ¾ in tweeters. The system is bi-amplified, like professional studio speakers, and the sound quality is enhanced by five of Audyssey’s proprietary technologies. The Audio Dock also features microphones that allow it to be used as a Bluetooth-enabled speakerphone, and with its included remote control, the Audio Dock can answer calls from across the room.

Bowers & Wilkins MM-1
Price £399.95

There are dozens of sets of iPod speakers available these days, but the MM-1 speakers are aimed at people who want to use their Mac as part of their entertainment system. Bowers & Wilkins says that the MM-1 is a genuine set of hi-fi speakers that have been shrunk down so that they can sit on the desk next to your Mac, or on a shelf alongside a Mac mini.  With separate drivers for treble and bass/mid-range frequencies, the MM-1 produces a rich, pure sound, backed up with plenty of volume.