Elgato EyeTV DTT Deluxe
Price £79.95

Elgato’s got the TV tuner market pretty much sewn up, and the EyeTV DTT Deluxe is its top-of-the-range model for receiving digital Freeview channels. This Deluxe tuner is incredibly small, measuring a mere 3.5cm long, 1.6cm wide and 0.8cm thick, so it’s ideal for carrying around with a MacBook. A small aerial plugs into one end of the unit, and there’s also a second, larger aerial provided for use in areas where the Freeview reception isn’t so good. The only disappointment is that it can’t play Freeview HD channels here in the UK.

Pentax Optio H90
Price £99

The H90 is a neat combination of minimal, easy-to-use design and advanced features. The compact design is easy to carry around, but it provides impressive 12-megapixel resolution for digital photos and 720p high-definition video. It also has a powerful 5x wide-angle zoom, and sophisticated features, such as the ability to wait for someone to turn and face the camera before releasing the shutter, and a Tracking option that maintains focus on moving objects for sport and action shots.