It’s been an amazing year for Apple, with soaring sales of Macs and iPhones, and innovative new products such as the iPad emerging that break entirely new ground. Even the aging iPod has gained a new lease of life this year with major updates for the iPod nano and iPod touch. And, of course, each new Apple gadget spawns its own army of cases, speakers and other accessories for us to play with. So here’s our guide to the latest, greatest gifts and gadgets for Mac users.

Altec Lansing Octiv 102
Price £39.99

The diminutive Octiv 102 produces a much bigger sound than you might expect from such a compact speaker. The eye-catching angular design measures just 13.5cm by 10cm by 9.6cm, making it ideal for sitting on your bedside table or in student digs. Altec Lansing also provides a free Alarm Rock app that you can download from the App Store, and which adds handy alarm clock features to your iPod or iPhone.

Power Monkey Classic V2
Price £34.95

We know the Power Monkey isn’t the most stylish gadget you’ve ever seen, but it’ll come in handy if the battery on your iPod or iPhone runs down when you’re travelling. It can provide hours of extra battery life – almost a 100 per cent recharge for our iPhone 4 – so it should see you through even the longest journeys. It can be used with other types of devices too, such as digital cameras, thanks to the big batch of adaptors that are included in the box.