When you first pick up an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, you’ll be amazed at how simple it is to us, how incredibly easy it makes everyday tasks.

From surfing the web, through to sharing photographs, and watching videos, and Apple iOS device makes it so easy to do everyday things that you might never think of all the incredible things you can also do.

That’s what this feature is all about: we’ve got some incredible ideas that’ll help you get more out of an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch than you ever thought possible.

Whatever iOS device you have: iPod touch, iPhone or iPad, you’ll be aware that there are many thousands of superb apps available to support your every possible desire.

There are numerous ways to be creative with your iPad, not to mention many hundreds of accessories that will help you to produce the best possible music, videos, and works of art.

And if it’s entertainment you’re after, the iPad has you covered. You can watch countless videos and music online, and bounce it right to your television using the amazing Apple TV.

When you’ve had enough slouching in front of the television, the iPad can help you get back on your feet with the desire to go travelling. The iPad, iPhone and iPod touch offer more… much more, than just browsing the web in the palm of your hand. So come with us on a journey through all the amazing things you can do with an iOS device.

1 Have your sound make a statement The Libratone Lounge Airplay Speakers (www.libratone.com) offer a new kind of wireless speaker; more like a piece of furniture than a traditional loudspeaker. The sound quality lets you experience music on your iPod touch, iPhone, iPad or Mac in full 360 degree stereo sound. You’ll need a little money for these though – they come in at around £1,099.

2 Interface your guitar The new iRig interface adapter (www.ikmultimedia.com/irig) is the easiest way to get your instrument’s signal into an iOS device. Simply plug iRig into your mobile device, plug your instrument into the iRig, plug headphones or amplifier to the output and you are ready to rock. The iRig is the ideal companion to the mobile AmpliTube app, but also works with any other recording, processing or tuning apps, keyboards or mixers. Priced at £29.99 it’s accessible to all.

3 Spotify The Spotify service gives access to millions of tracks through one download app. If you’re a subscriber to Virgin Media you will presently receive between three and six months access to Spotify free of charge; after which the subscription fee is billed and charged to you just as your broadband is.

4 Monster Beats by Dr Dre Beats by Dr. Dre (www.beatsbydre.com) has unleashed its legendary high-definition audio sound in a completely wireless design. Featuring the latest in Bluetooth connectivity, Beats Wireless headphones deliver the extended highs, natural mid-tones and powerful lows that made Beats famous. Priced at around £249.95 these are certainly impressive performers.

5 Mixing software DJ mixer is a simple, free, app for the iPad that allows you to mix a variety of videos, audio files and others. It’s very easy to use but to use your own music requires a £6.99 in-app purchase. In practice it’s a doddle to use.

6 Last.fm This is a music recommendation service. It develops personal playlists then uses this to help locate new music that you’ll enjoy. Users outside of the USA, UK and Germany now pay €3.00 per month to use the service but, for the moment, it’s still free for UK users and the music selection is impressive.

7 Piano A free app, Piano turns your iPad into a piano. A series of icons take you through a treble clef showing where the notes on the treble clef appear on the piano: it’s a very quick way to learn the keys and make the most of what is a highly interactive tutorial. It sounds great, too.

8 Guitar Not so good as Piano, Guitar provides the guitar base within your iPad. You can play chords by selecting buttons for individual chords. The app includes recorded sounds taken from a musician playing a real guitar, and provides a melodic response to your fingering.

9 iTunes Simple enough; if you’ve got music, why not play it through iTunes? Whether with a magnificent set of speakers or headphones so your child’s music is kept to your child; you have the opportunity to share a diverse and exciting selection of music.

10 MIDI interface MIDI used to be the be all and end all when it came to getting music onto your computer. Now with options such as the iRig (www.ikmultimedia.com/irig) it’s not so popular, but is still very much a cheap and easy way to make music with your computer. The iRig Midi core allows you to interface a MIDI device such as a keyboard, synthesizer, drum machine, pedal board or more to your iOS device.

11 Mixing Desk The Alesis iO Mix (www.alesis.com) is the first device that turns your iPad into a powerful portable studio, allowing you to record multiple mics or instruments directly into GarageBand or any other compatible Core Audio app.

The iO Mix also has a video output, making it perfect for everything from presentations and corporate meetings to home entertainment and live performance visuals. It’ll cost around £199.

12 Karaoke The App store features numerous Karaoke apps, including those featuring Disney songs and those feature Glee songs. Red Karaoke includes classic Karaoke songs such as Total Eclipse of the Heart for free and you have the option of subscribing to the service for an additional 45,000 Karaoke songs. Subscriptions cost $8.99 a month.

13 GarageBand Described as a streamlined Digital Audio Workstation and Music Sequencer, GarageBand can record and play back multiple tracks of audio. The use of audio filters allows the user to enhance the audio track and can effectively imitated the auto-tune effect. The creative capabilities of GarageBand cannot be understated.