The elite fashion labels have gone iPad-mad, unveiling ever more luxurious and beautiful cases that provide a little protection and a lot of glamour.

We take a trip to the catwalk

Dolce & Gabbana Animal-Print Patent-Leather iPad Sleeve  

URL Price £170

The trend for animal prints shows little sign of abating; so hardy has this perennial favourite become that Domenico Dolce recently pronounced them “the new neutral”. Not that this beautiful, lurid green patent-leather sleeve could ever be described as neutral – nor indeed does it resemble any animal we’ve seen.

The case is lined with black leather, complete with an interior gold designer stamp, and will make onlookers equally green with envy.

Gucci iPad Case In Micro Guccissima Leather

URL Price £200

Gucci’s smart and effortlessly high-end iPad case, made of ‘micro Guccissima’ leather, comes in the metallic champagne shown here (a particularly pleasing warm gold colour), black, or ebony and beige. It’s embossed with a diamond pattern based on the house’s logo, and at 223g it’s relatively lightweight for such a sturdy cover. It also doesn’t really look like an iPad accessory at all, which is probably the point.

The fastener is velcro; we liked the way the hook area is larger than the woolly bit underneath, which means you don’t need to be accurate to get a good grip. Simple things.

It’s a sleeve, so you won’t be able to use the iPad while it’s contained within – there are no holes for the cameras, speaker or ports. But the leather case is well-made, with toughened edging, and should stand up to day-to-day scratches and knocks. Needless to say, of course, this isn’t suitable for large drops, water submersion or heavy-duty impacts. But it will make you look great while you avoid those things.

Smythson Magenta iPad Sleeve

URL Price £170

This case’s vibrant pink printed leather exterior will keep your iPad or iPad 2 safe from bumps and scratches; a press stud closure makes sure it doesn’t fall out. Like the Arlington men’s model we look at on page 45, the Magenta comes with a Nubuck lining and the option to silver-stamp your initials on the case. There’s also a matching iPhone cover that costs £75.

Jimmy Choo Ripley Calf Hair iPad Case

URL Price £495

Continuing the animal theme is Jimmy Choo, with its leopard-print tablet case. Black and gold rosettes might make a good camouflage on the plains of sub-Saharan Africa, but it’s hard to imagine this attention-grabbing calf-hair cover producing a similar effect in the city. The look is more Beverly Hills than Silicon Roundabout, however, so secret tech lovers could use it to prowl among the fashionable crowd.