When you first pick up an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, you’ll be amazed at how simple it is to us, how incredibly easy it makes everyday tasks.

From surfing the web, through to sharing photographs, and watching videos, and Apple iOS device makes it so easy to do everyday things that you might never think of all the incredible things you can also do.

That’s what this feature is all about: we’ve got some incredible ideas that’ll help you get more out of an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch than you ever thought possible.

Whatever iOS device you have: iPod touch, iPhone or iPad, you’ll be aware that there are many thousands of superb apps available to support your every possible desire.

There are numerous ways to be creative with your iPad, not to mention many hundreds of accessories that will help you to produce the best possible music, videos, and works of art.

And if it’s entertainment you’re after, the iPad has you covered. You can watch countless videos and music online, and bounce it right to your television using the amazing Apple TV.

When you’ve had enough slouching in front of the television, the iPad can help you get back on your feet with the desire to go travelling. The iPad, iPhone and iPod touch offer more… much more, than just browsing the web in the palm of your hand. So come with us on a journey through all the amazing things you can do with an iOS device.

1 Shopping Whether you’ve just moved in with your partner, or have a family, you’ll need to go shopping at some point. Shopping brings with it food, drink and other essential accessories. Waitrose offers an app that brings together over 200 recipes, food ideas and inspirations with a guide to the location of your nearest store. It’s presented very well, and allows you to build a shopping list before visiting your local store. Waitrose sister company The John Lewis Partnership has an app focused across its product range; and have added the ability to scan a barcode to locate it within the John Lewis catalogue.

Amazon has two apps on the App Store: Amazon Mobile and Amazon Windowshop. Amazon Mobile allows you to search, browse and buy through the iPhone/iPad whereas Amazon Windowshop provides a virtual shop window allowing you to slide through the products on the website.

2 Cheaper phone calls Do you want an alternative to your mobile phone provider once your call allowance is used? Why not consider Skype? Skype will allow your children to speak to each other without charge; and they can – of course – see each other so it’s highly interactive. You can also consider FaceTime: if your contact has an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac and is local to a WiFi connection. FaceTime is free.

3 Cooking When you start cooking you tend to keep to what you know. After all, if you don’t poison yourself there’s a good reason for carrying on with the same types of food. The CM Cookbooks app has a number of recipe ideas available as in-app purchases. At £5 per recipe book, they’re a little expensive but very good.

4 Buying a car When buying a car there are a number of things you should consider. Own your own Dream Car, by Margaret Foran, is available for free in the iBook store. American in focus it explains some of the areas you need to consider when buying a car, and is a very interesting read.

5 Digital Picture Frame Simple idea. You can use your iPad as a digital picture frame – simply open the Photos app then tap Slideshow. Tap Start Slideshow and watch as your family favourite photos slide between each other.

6 Pregnancy Preparing for a family can take a great deal of time and consideration; but you can refer to the various reference materials on the App Store and Newsstand.The What to Expect app take you from conceiving through pregnancy to your baby’s first year.

7 Design your dream home Perhaps you’ll consider designing your dream house? Available in a lite version for free and a fully featured version for 69p, Home Design 3D provides a 3D view of a home within which you place windows, doors, furniture and so on. It’s highly interactive.

8 Find my iPhone Find my iPhone is a superb addition to iOS. It allows you to get an approximate location for your iOS device at the time you search for it. Previously forming a part of MobileMe, Find my iPhone is now available without charge via the iCloud service. You install it by downloading the app from the App Store.

9 Budgeting Regardless of your personal situation, budgeting tools become very useful once you start considering house purchases, food, electricity, gas and so on. Budgets for iPad is a free app that assists with the creation of essential home finance.

10 Family friendly videos To suggest there is material on YouTube that’s a little risqué would be an understatement. Wimp.com provides a family-friendly variation on a similar theme to YouTube that is anti-sensationalistic and provides full search facilities. The app is free.

11 Protect the screen Although the iPad screen is sturdy, you can apply a clear film for scratch protection. The precision pre-cut invisibleSHIELD (www.zagg.com)applies directly to your new iPad, providing the toughest, most durable protection you will find. The invisibleSHIELD has its origins in the military.

12 Driving If you’re preparing for a driving test, there are many apps available for both the iPhone and iPad to help out. These predominantly cover the theory test components. One of the best is Driving Test Success – available at 69p for either Theory Test or Hazard Perception. There’s also a lite version of the theory test available.

13 Safe searching It can be beneficial to give your children relatively free access to the iPad, but how do you ensure they don’t come across something they shouldn’t see? AVG Family Safety is a free download from the App Store, suitable for both the iPad and iPhone. It’s presented as a web browser and protects users from objectionable sites.

14 Get a case Apple’s own Smart Cover (£34.95) offers a microfiber interior and reinforced panel to provide structure; add to this an iPad Screen Protector such as the Power Support Crystal Film (http://uk.powersupportusa.com/accessories/ipad-2/crystal-film.html) at around £25, and you’ve provided protection to all angles.