I have a Mac and a PC, and while I prefer the former, the one thing the two have in common is that they automatically open things I wish they wouldn’t whenever I plug in my iPod touch. The PC displays the AutoPlay window, while the Mac launches iPhoto. Is there a way to stop this?
Ryan Cassidy

As you’ve noted, whenever you plug your iPod into your PC, the AutoPlay window appears. At the bottom of that window is a link that reads, View More AutoPlay Options In Control Panel. Click that and in the resulting window, you’ll see a long list of choices. Scroll down the list and you should see your iPod touch at the bottom. From the pop-up menu next to the iPod touch listing, choose Take No Action and then click the window’s Save button. From now on, you shouldn’t see the AutoPlay window when you plug in your iPod.

As for iPhoto on the Mac, you have a couple of options. The first is to open iPhoto’s Preferences, select General and, from the Connecting Camera Opens pop-up menu, choose No Application (see ‘No cameras, please’). iPhoto considers your iPod touch to be a camera, and that’s why it launches. The problem with choosing this option is that you’ve now disabled the setting to open iPhoto when you attach any camera – your point-and-shoot or DSLR, for example.

To work around this, plug in your iPod and launch Image Capture (in /Applications). Select the iPod in Image Capture’s Devices list, and choose No Application from the Connecting This iPod Opens pop-up menu. This lets you configure iPhoto’s behaviour for individual ‘cameras’ such as your iPod. From now on, iPhoto will only open when you plug in an actual camera.

No cameras, please Using an iPhoto preference, you can keep all your iOS devices and cameras from launching iPhoto