I’ve had an iPhone since it first came out, and over time I’ve accumulated a lot of apps. When I look at the Purchased items on my iPhone or within the iTunes Store, I see a lot of apps that I no longer use. Is there any way to make them disappear?
Tim Campbell

You can’t specifically make apps disappear from your purchase history – they’re there for good. However, if you have the latest version of iTunes and iOS 5, you can hide them so that your Purchased screens and windows are less cluttered. 

To do this in iTunes, click the iTunes Store link in iTunes’ Source list, go to the home screen, and log in to your iTunes account if you’re not already logged in. In the Quick Links area that appears on the right side of the window, click the Purchased link. In the resulting screen, click on Apps. Move your cursor over any apps that you want to hide and click the X that appears in the top-left corner. You’ll no longer see this app within the iTunes Store’s Purchased screen or in the Purchased screen of an iOS device.

To make an app reappear from within iTunes, log in to your account by clicking the account name in the top right of the iTunes window. In the iTunes in the Cloud area, click View Hidden Purchases. Select the Apps tab in the resulting screen and click the Unhide button next to each app you want to restore to the Purchased screen.

Stop unwanted apps appearing in your iOS device’s Purchased screen


On an iPhone or iPod touch, tap App Store, and then tap the Updates button at the bottom of the screen. At the top of the Updates screen, tap Purchased. Locate an app you want to hide and slide your finger across its name (see ‘Slide to hide’). A red Hide button appears. Tap the button to hide the app on all your iOS devices and in iTunes. On an iPad, tap App Store, and then tap the Purchased button at the bottom of the screen. Swipe across the app that you want to hide and tap the resulting Hide button.

To unhide an app on an iOS device, launch the App Store and tap the Featured button. Scroll down to the bottom of the resulting screen and tap the Apple ID button. In the window that appears, tap View Apple ID and enter your password. In the resulting Account screen, scroll down and tap Hidden Purchases. Tap the Unhide button next to those apps you want to see again.