With my iBook, I get free music from iTunes via internet radio. But the iPod app on my iPad doesn’t offer this kind of content. How can I get it?
Daniel Shanefield

You are correct. While you can listen to internet radio by streaming it on your Mac via the Radio entry in iTunes’ Source list, the iPad’s iPod app does not provide this feature. Fortunately, there are plenty of other options.

A number of iPad apps can stream internet radio broadcasts – more, in fact, than iTunes. Many of these apps use technology developed by RadioTime, a service that maintains a database of over 60,000 terrestrial and internet-based radio stations. With these apps you can search for stations in a number of ways, including by radio host, show name, genre, and bit rate.

Apps that use the RadioTime database include Spark Radio (£1.19, www.handcastmedia.com) and WunderRadio (£3.99, www.wunderradio.com). Each lets you see stations near you, provides a feature for searching for stations, and breaks down results into genres. WunderRadio is more pop-over menu-based than Spark Radio, which uses buttons more extensive.

At one time, you couldn’t continue listening to the radio when you opened a new application on the iPhone or iPod touch. But thanks to iOS 4’s multitasking capabilities, any radio apps updated to take advantage of them will play even when you switch to another app on a device running on that operating system.