I have a question about Amazon’s Kindle Fire (which I use with my Mac). I’ve been trying to download free books from Project Gutenberg to my Kindle, and even though they seem to download, I can’t find them on the Fire. Is there something I can do with my Mac to make this work?
Larry Weinstein

Plug the Kindle Fire into your Mac using a Micro-USB cable (you must purchase one because it’s not included with the Fire). Now double-click the Kindle volume that appears on your Mac’s desktop and open the Download folder – there you’ll find all the books you’ve downloaded. Move those files to the Fire’s Documents folder, and then tap the Disconnect button on the Fire’s screen. Now tap 

the Docs item in the Fire’s menu bar, and you should find your books in the resulting Docs screen. Tap a book to read it. 

It’s clumsy, we know, and probably intentionally so. Amazon would prefer that you obtain media from its website rather than a free resource such as Project Gutenberg. But if you thought that was clumsy, take a gander at how you do this on the device itself.

Tap Apps on the Fire and then tap Store. In the Search field on the resulting screen, enter AndroXplorer, tap Search, and download the app that appears – it’s a free file manager. Return to the home screen, tap Apps, and then tap AndroXplorer. On the screen that appears, tap the Sdcard item. This presents you with a list of all the folders in the Fire’s storage area. Tap the Download folder. In that screen, tap and hold on a book that you want to move. In the sheet that appears, tap Cut. Tap the left arrow at the bottom of the screen to return to the Sdcard screen. Now tap the Documents folder, tap and hold on the screen, and tap Paste.

Now tap the Settings button at the top of the screen, tap More, and tap Applications. From the Filter By pop-up menu, choose All Applications. Tap on the Amazon Kindle entry and, in the screen that appears, tap Force Stop. Tap OK to confirm. Return to the home screen and tap Docs. Your book finally appears on the bookshelf, ready to read. Phew!