When I plug my iPhone 4 into my Mac and select it in iTunes, I see an option in the Info tab to sync my iPhone notes. But they sync only to the Mac’s Mail application. I’d like them to sync with MobileMe too. Is there a way to do this? 
Barbara Mehlman

Let’s run through the steps required to sync notes among your iPhone, MobileMe, and the Mail application on your Mac.

On your iPhone (which must be running iOS 4 or later), tap Settings and then tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars. On the resulting screen, tap your MobileMe account and in the MobileMe account screen that appears, flip the On/Off toggle switch next to Notes to On. Return to the Mail, Contacts, Calendars screen and scroll to the very bottom, where you see the Notes entry. Tap this entry, and the Default Account screen appears. On this screen, select your MobileMe account rather than the On My iPhone or any other entry.

Launch the Mail app, choose Preferences from the Mail menu, and open the Composing tab. In the Addressing area you’ll see the Create Notes And To Dos In pop-up menu. From that menu, select your MobileMe account. Then close the Preferences window. Now, click the triangle next to the Notes entry in Mail’s Mailboxes column and select On My Mac. Select any notes that you’d like to sync with your MobileMe account and drag them onto the MobileMe entry.

Now, when you create a note on your iPhone or within Mail (you can view notes on MobileMe by going to www.me.com/mail and clicking on the Notes folder), that note should sync with your iPhone, Mail, and the MobileMe site. If it doesn’t, delete the MobileMe account on your phone (make sure everything is backed up), then recreate the account by going to the iPhone’s Mail, Contacts, Calendar setting; tapping MobileMe; and entering your name, username and password to create the account. Then run through those iPhone configuration steps.