How can I print from my iPad to my Canon MX870 wireless printer?
Matt Ernst

That printer doesn’t natively support AirPrint, the feature introduced in iOS 4.2 that lets you print wirelessly to a small number of HP printers. If you want to print just photos from your iPad, try Canon’s free Easy-PhotoPrint app. We haven’t used the printer or the app, so we can’t vouch for them, but hey, the app’s free. Give it a shot.

If you want to use the printer for more than photos – to print documents, for example – try Netputing’s AirPrint Activator (donation requested; Install it on a Mac running OS X 10.6.5 and iTunes 10.1 or later, reinstall your printer, and enable sharing for that printer, and you’ll be able to print from your iPad to your printer.

Ecamm Network’s $10 (£6) Printopia ( is another alternative that will also do the job. As Dan Frakes states in his review of this utility: “It doesn’t matter how a printer is connected to your Mac – if your Mac can print to it, your iOS device can print via Printopia.”