How many connected digital devices do you have on you right now?

So in my bag I’ve got an iPhone, iPad, probably a camera so three.

What’s the one gadget you wouldn’t be without?

My iPad because it’s the greatest convergence gadget ever I think.

What’s your favourite app?

Still loving Instagram. I like camera apps and I love photography so Hipstamatic, Instagram they’re great for taking quick photos, changing them, making them look cool and then sharing them with your mates.

What gadget or device can’t you travel without, excluding the iPad?

A good SLR because I think when you’re travelling, when you’re on holiday, when you’re on trips, it’s the only time personally I get to actually think about taking good pictures rather than just snaps for Twitter or social networks. It’s the only time I get to properly test gadgets, so yeah a camera is my must have.

What’s your option on 3D?

I’ve never got totally absorbed in the whole 3D thing. I’ve now sort of accepted it’s good to have a 3D ready TV. I used to think 3D was like tuberculosis, it came round like every 20 years. But it seems like it’s here to stay now and it seems as though it’s been well embraced and people like it. There’s 3D everything. I think we’re a bit over 3D now.

What kit can’t you wait to get your hands on?

I might be really boring and say home stuff because I’m doing my house up this year and I can get quite excited about fridges and induction hobs and things like that. Not sure about the internet connected fridge, it’s a little bit ahead of what I need but I certainly like the fact it can be all different temperatures.

What’s the worst gadget you’ve seen or reviewed?

What about the Amstrad emailer? I once reviewed a pair of flip flops that had a reservoir in them for liquid so you could take a drink out and walk on it all day and then pick up your shoe, unscrew it and drink out of it. That’s one that I don’t think they’re ever going to sell.

Apple says we’re in a post-PC era. Do you think tablets will replace PCs or laptops?

I think, as we stand at the moment, that’s some way off. I think that’s an Apple line. I think people love the tablet market but I still think people still embrace the laptops and PCs and quite like to have that safe home computer.

Have you got a new iPad?

I’m getting it on Tuesday. I’m getting the all singing all dancing, there’s no point, 64GB full-on [4G].

What gadget do you wish you’d invented?

That one? [new iPad] No, let me go back and be more serious. I wish I’d invented either the radio or the television because they are the two Gods of gadget creation as far as I’m concerned, or the electric kettle which was launched here at the ideal home show in 1930.

What would you most like to see in the ‘Home of the Future’?

I think we’re getting there really. We’ve got some good stuff in this year. I’d like things to be more affordable so we’ve got the transport pod which is fantastic if you’re really shattered to crawl in and have your sound kind of resonate through the water bed and drift off. That’s a really great way of relaxing, it’s like a technical cocoon I suppose but it’s $19,000 so it’s a lot of money.

What technology do you think is responsible for getting girls excited about computer tech?

I’ll tell you what I think the first truly uni-sex gadget was. The iPod, because it was simple, it was easy to use, it looked beautiful and it worked and everybody wanted to have one.