People imagine that it’s pretty easy to create a bestselling app like Angry Birds. On the surface, Angry Birds looks childish. Describing it is embarrassing. You get a few colourful birds that you slingshot at buildings occupied by pigs, with the aim of killing all the pigs.

When trying to understand its success, people think of viral marketing and graphics as the lead reasons – after all, anyone can come up with a game like that, right? Wrong. A good game has more to it than nice graphics and sound. To become truly viral your product actually has to be good. Games are products, and they have to go through a pipeline that begins with the concept and ends with the real deal.

Follow the steps below and you might not have the next bestseller, but you will have a good game.

1. Don’t try to create a killer game  The stress alone will kill your creativity and prevent you from following paths that will eventually lead to a really successful game. The aim is simple – to create a good experience for the player. This experience consists of several elements: playability, usability, story, graphics, and sound.

2. Find a concept  It can come from thinking about a specific audience. It can be a one-liner that pops into your head. Concepts can sound boring (directing airplanes to land), but once developed they can be amazing (like Flight Control). Copying is OK, but the idea must be strong and don’t build the same game as someone else.

3. Do your research  Game design is an art, but artists need to eat. It’s great to create your special, intricate, never-before-seen, over-the-top game, but make sure you’ve got the numbers to support that. Check the App Store, read reviews and understand what types of games people pay for.