iPhoto is really all about sharing your images. The cataloguing and editing features are just there to make it easier to find the shots you want and make them look their best, but if all your photo library did was remain on your computer, it would be as useful as the stacks of old photographs stored in that shoebox in your closet.

Over the years, more features have been added to this program, culminating in the first Facebook integration in iPhoto ’09, prior to this you needed a Facebook plug-in. iPhoto ’11 has expanded this ability, giving you much greater access to Facebook without ever needing to launch your web browser.

1. Choose a photo  Launch iPhoto and look for an image you’d like to upload to Facebook. It can be from one of your albums, or any of the top menus in your sidebar (like Events, Photos, Faces or Places). Once you’ve found the right one, select it, then click on the Share button at the lower right of the interface.

2. Log in  Select Facebook from the menu to reveal a drop-down sheet. Type in your account details, make sure you tick the ‘I agree to Facebook’s terms’ box, then click on Login. After a few seconds, a new menu will appear at the bottom right of the interface, granting you access to your photos stored on Facebook.

3. Post on your wall  You only need to set your username and password once. The next time you choose Facebook from the shared menu, you’ll go straight to the various upload options. With your image still selected, choose Wall to post it. You can add a comment via a drop-down sheet. When you are ready, click Publish.

4. Update your profile  Choose another picture and go back to Facebook via the Share menu. Select Profile Picture to update your main photo. Once you’ve confirmed this action, Facebook will proceed with uploading your new shot. You can check that the last two steps worked by logging into Facebook using your browser.