5. Building The Presentation  To add another slide, tap on the ‘+’ button, lower left of the screen. You’ll be able to choose from a selection of templates. Create a few and fill them with text and images. Should you wish to add a further text box or shape, tap on the picture icon, top right of the screen.

6. Copying from Numbers  You can also add tables and charts, but rather than creating one from scratch within Keynote, you could also use the Numbers for iPad application for that. In Numbers, copy your chart then go back to Keynote, tap on the slide in an area where no object is present and select ‘Paste’. To edit the chart, double-tap on it.

7. Overlapping Objects  If you have overlapping objects, you can change which one gets to be in front of the other. Select one and tap on the ‘i’ button. Select the Arrange tab and drag the ‘Move to Back/Front’ slider. To remove an object, tap on it to select it and tap on it again to reveal a menu. Select ‘Delete’ and it’s gone.

8. Reordering Slides  To reorder your slides, tap and hold on one, you will see it float slightly above the others. When that happens you can drag it to another position. To drag multiple slides at the same time, tap and hold on one then with another finger, tap others. Remove your fingers, then tap and hold again to drag them all.

9. Hiding a Slide  Should you wish to keep a slide, but not show it during a presentation, tap on it to select it, then tap on it again to reveal a menu. Select ‘Skip’ and it’ll be squeezed into a thin rectangle, essentially hidden from the presentation. To reveal it again, select it in the same way and tap on ‘Don’t Skip’.

10. The Animation Mode  To animate your objects and slides, you need to enter a different mode which is done by tapping on the diamond-shaped button, top right of the screen, between the picture and the spanner icons. In this mode, nothing is editable. Tap on an object to reveal a ‘Build In’ and ‘Build Out’ button. Choose either.