11. Build Options  You’ll be presented with a series of effects. Tap on one to see a preview of it on your screen. You also have access to other parameters: tap on Options to change the effect’s duration, change unique settings, or choose whether the effect is activated by a tap or happens with or after the previous animation.

12. Previewing the Animation  The Order tab of that menu comes into its own once you have multiple build effects set up on your slide. You can then see them all there and reorder them by dragging them up or down the list. Top right of the menu is a play button. Tap on it to get a preview of your slide’s animation.

13. Adding a Transition  To add a transition to a slide, tap on one to reveal a menu, which is currently set to ‘None’. Tap on that menu to reveal another similar to the one for adding builds to objects, although with fewer options. To create a Magic Move effect, tap on Magic Move and agree to duplicate the selected slide.

14. Doing a Magic Move  Tap on ‘Done’, top right, to get out of the Transition mode. Select the duplicated slide and move objects around. Once the objects have been reordered to your satisfaction, select the previous slide then tap on the play button, top right, to preview your effect. To get out of preview before the end of your presentation, double-tap on the screen.