Photographers have found a lot of uses for the iPad – it can be a portfolio, an on-the-go image editor, or a beautiful file storage device. We found two apps that let photographers do more than ever before on the iPad, including editing metadata and seeing a live view of their DSLR.

Sort shots

The iPad’s minimal design and high-resolution screen make it an ideal portable portfolio for photographers. Unfortunately, the built-in Photos app offers a limited set of tools for organising. There are no options for sorting on the go, or rating and tagging images.

The affordable Sort Shots (£3.49) iPad Edition ( is an organising and viewing app for photos and videos that picks up where the Photos app leaves off. Sort Shots has the ability to tap into and edit existing metadata and EXIF tags – a feature iPad-owning photographers have long been asking for.

Sort Shots taps into the power of metadata to give you advanced image-editing and organizing powers

This means that you can find, order, and show photos and videos according to various metadata such as keywords, date taken, and rating. It’s also easy to create custom slideshows on the iPad. Any new ratings, keywords, or filenames that are added are kept intact upon export.

You can import photos into the Sort Shots library through iTunes, directly from the Photos albums, or over the free Sort Shots FTP client. All metadata is imported with the image, so if you added keywords or a star rating in Aperture, that information will appear in the app.

When you’ve come up with a combination of search terms you want to keep (for example, all photos tagged ‘kittens’ that are rated three stars), you can save it as a custom sort. For professional photographers, this is a great way to save custom portfolios.

The Sort Shots app works with most popular photo-management applications, including Adobe Lightroom and Bridge, Nikon’s Capture NX, and Apple’s Aperture and iPhoto.

DSLR Camera Remote HD

If you’re a serious iPad-toting, DSLR camera user looking to broaden your photographic horizons, OnOne Software’s £29.99 DSLR Camera Remote HD app for the iPad ( could be a valuable tool in your arsenal. The app – an iPad-optimised version of OnOne’s existing DSLR Camera Remote app – works in conjunction with a WiFi-enabled computer and compatible Nikon or Canon DSLR camera to let you instantly adjust your camera’s settings, fire the shutter, review images, get a live viewfinder preview, and record video from the cozy confines of your iPad.

A computer is required to act as a bridge between your iPad and your DSLR – OnOne offers free server software for Mac OS X and Windows that facilitates the connection between the iPad and the DSLR. Once you’ve established the connection, you will be able to use the iPad’s spacious display to view your camera’s viewfinder in real time, snap photos, review your images, and adjust camera settings like white balance, shutter speed, aperture, and exposure compensation.

DLSR Camera Remote HD turns the iPad into a powerful remote for a range of Canon and Nikon DSLRs

The app also features an Auto Bracketing mode for expanded exposure brackets, a Burst mode for continuous shooting, and the ability to save low-res versions of images for emailing and sharing. The app supports a wide range of Canon EOS and Nikon D series cameras, though features vary depending on your camera. Make sure your camera is supported since, at £29.99, DSLR Camera Remote HD is one of the pricier apps available for the iPad.