As always with an Apple launch, the tech world has been abuzz with rumours, speculation and general chat about what the Cupertino-based giant would unveil at their event. Of course, if you were following our liveblog of the event, you'd know that it was the iPad Air 2, the iPad Mini 3, a new 5K iMac and the improved Mac Mini.

As has become standard in the industry, most of the conversation surrounding the event took place on Twitter, and we've taken it upon ourselves to catalogue some of the best, ranging from the informative and entertaining to the hare-brained and bizarre.

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Twitter's reaction to the iPad Air 2 launch event: Before the event

There was, naturally, a lot of hype surrounding the launch beforehand, and the Twittersphere was humming with all things Apple.

As usual, educated guesses as to the nature of the launch are front and centre, as demonstrated by @bazzacollins…

…swiftly followed by pipe dreams and wishful thinking.

Of course, some just want to start a conversation, like @siracusa:

@mattgemmell, it seems, does not.

He really, really, does not.

There's often a reasonable amount of doomsaying about the future of the company. Literally, in some cases.

There are always fervent supporters, though.

Twitter is often a goldmine of information on a day like this, such as this top tip from @viticci:

The popularity of the event means most tech publications promote their coverage of the event:

And some journalists are able to tweet directly from Cupertino.

Many of them remember Apple's last event earlier this month…

Some tweets reveal secrets that the Apple overlords would rather stayed hidden:

And then we have exciting tweets like this from the man himself…

Twitter's reaction to the iPad Air 2 launch event: During the event

Once the show started, the majority of tweets were naturally from attending journalists liveblogging the launch.

Some were more excited about Craig Federighi's choice of vocabulary than the tech on show:

His jokes about Apple's 'spaceship campus' being an ACTUAL spaceship went down pretty well as well.

Much of it was simple reportage for those not watching the keynote:

Even stalwart Apple fans were taking issue with some parts of the launch:

Apple was very excited about the new iPad's enhanced camera. Others, not so much.

@joshconstine had a few problems with Apple's obsession with 'thin'.

Many people used Twitter to point out some of the flaws in certain aspects of the products, such as the unwieldiness of iPads…

...the lack of meaningful updates…

...and the potential security concerns:

There was much cooing over the iMac's new 5K HD screen:

As well as some justified scepticism:

The upgraded Mac Mini was a welcome sight for many:

Some found parts of the presentation a little… unsettling.

Other products were conspicuous by their absence:

Some people, of course, just weren’t that interested.

Twitter's reaction to the iPad Air 2 launch event: After the event

After the event, there was the usual post-match analysis from punters and pundits alike.

@RosenbergMerc isn't sold on the whole 'iPad' idea:

@5280adam, however? Fully on board.

@johncolucci was just glad to get back to his normal browser:

@cam_guy_scott still remembers Apple's last launch…

On the other hand, some people would have liked another free album.

Other people remember the iPhone 6 launch for an entirely different reason:

Apple sceptics - they get everywhere:

@KarenhMW marvels at how time flies:

@GabeDinger, however, feels Apple isn't moving fast enough:

@ChaseButlerTV couldn't wait to get his hands on the new tech:

While @CalvinHtut couldn't be less excited.

@clothes_w can see a worrying trend:

@Ellietheamazing has spotted a key feature of Apple's new OS:

@AshleighAllsopp doesn't sound too impressed with it all, though: