Nearly two thirds of respondents to a poll say their home printer is mostly used for leisure purposes.

When asked: 'Who in your household uses your home printer the most?', 60 percent of respondents selected 'Me or my partner - for leisure'. The other options were 'Me or my partner - for work'; 'Kids - for leisure'; 'Kids - for homework/college'; and 'Other family/friends'.

The overwhelming result to the poll - sponsored by Kodak - suggests that in most households adults hold the keys to the printer. And the majority of respondents use their home printers mainly for leisure purposes - 3 percent said that most printing was 'Kids - for leisure'. This may reflect the reduced need to print out paperwork such as contracts and boarding passes, in a largely digital world. It also suggests that the massive numbers or photos we're all taking are not remaining confined to hard drives and cameras.

Modern inkjet printers are becoming less expensive to run. That combined with remote printing features such as Google Cloud Print, or vendor specific services such as Kodak's Email Print Service, make printing snaps a casual, fun thing to do.

This is perhaps not surprising given that ink replacement costs from manufacturers like Kodak are so low that you can now afford to print as much as you like without worrying about the cost. (This is another reason to check the total cost of ownership before purchasing any printer.) With easy connectivity features like Google Cloud Print and Kodak Email Print Service now popular on printers such as Kodak's Hero series, it’s now easy to send webpages or photos to print from anywhere - giving you the flexibility to send photos and webpages to print as you go, and collect them when you’re ready.
The second most popular response to the poll was 'Me or my partner - for work', with 33 percent of the respondents choosing this answer. This may reflect the inclusion in 'home' printers of features that were previously the domain of office lasers. These include automatic double-sided scanning and copying functions. It’s now easier than ever to print large documents at home.

Again, low ink replacement costs make running a business from home or printing off a long dissertation or essay more cost effective than ever.

Rounding out the poll, only 3 percent of respondents chose 'Kids - for leisure' and 3 percent selected 'Other family/friends'.