Apple has rolled out iOS 7 for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch owners, and with the update comes an abundance of individual app updates to add compatibility, and sometimes a new design. Here, we round up some of the best apps we've seen that have been updated for iOS 7. 

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Apple Store app

Apple has updated its own Apple Store app to bring the new design to the app as part of iOS 7's release and the launch of the new iPhones on Friday.

The app has a new icon and a new, simpler and more minimalist user interface.


Social check-in app Foursquare has been updated with iOS 7 compatibility that even includes a new flatter icon and an overall redesign.

"The moment you update your phone to iOS 7, you'll see a fresh coat of paint on Foursquare. We've fancied up the icon, updated the UI, and made it all work flawlessly in Apple's new iOS ," reads the app's description.


Flipboard has had an update that means the news app will work on devices running iOS 7. It also has new parallax features, which it says "brings your magazine covers to life".


Both the iPad and iPhone eBay apps have been updated with a new look and feel for iOS 7.


One of our favourite photo editing apps, Camera+, has also been updated.

"We've overhauled the entire Camera+ design and given it a brand new modernised look so it fits-in very nicely with iOS 7," says developer tap tap tap. The redesign includes transparency like that found in iOS 7, as well as a more minimalist appearance.


Music discovery app Shazam has a new look for iOS 7, and also has some brand new features including improved sharing, reminders and the ability to buy multiple tracks at once from Explore charts.


To-do app Clear has been updated, too. Not only does it have a new look, Realmac has also added iPad compatibility to the app.


Popular note-taking app Evernote has a whole new look that's inspired by iOS 7. There are also some new features in the new version, including fast access to features and compatibility with iOS 7's new AirDrop feature.


With iOS 7 comes a new update to Facebook, also adopting the flatter, more minimalist look of iOS 7. There's also a new way to get to Messages and Notifications, as well as some additional language for users around the world.


Like Facebook, Twitter has taken style tips from iOS 7 in its new update.


News discovery app Zite has transparency like that found in iOS 7, as well as new fonts and a simpler design.

Infinity Blade III

Infinity Blade 3 review

Ok, so this isn't just an iOS 7 update, it's a whole new app that we're super excited to play. It's the third and final instalment in the popular Infinity Blade franchise, and was first shown off during Apple's 10 September keynote. The new game has been developed to take advantage of the iPhone 5s' new 64-bit A7 processor. Infinity Blade 3 review

You can download it now for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch for £4.99.

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