Here’s our round up of the free apps we’ve downloaded this week (week ending 4 May).

This week's round up includes Gifture, Downhill Xtreme, Smack That Gugl, Logo Quiz Game, SloPro, and LINE Camera. (More below)


Turn photos into animated GIFs with Gifture. You can choose to capture photos from within the app to create an instant GIF, or choose from your photo library. What we like about Gifture is the filters, which can be applied to your GIFs instantly. You can also choose the speed of the GIF, and set the camera to automatically take a set amount of photographs to use in your animation. On the iTunes App Store, there are reports that the app crashes, but we didn’t experience any problems while we were testing out the app. You can share your creation via twitter, Facebook and Tumblr too. If you’re interested, you can look at other GIFs created by Gifture users in the ‘Popular’ feed.

Downhill Xtreme

Designed for both iPhone and iPad, Downhill Xtreme is a longboard racing game. You begin by creating your character (you can choose from a limited selection of hairstyles, skin colours and accessories), and then you’re all set to take off down one of the long and winding hills. It uses simple mechanics that are easily picked up, and takes advantage of the gyroscope function in your device for control of the steering. Upgrade your player and download different boards. If you run out of virtual cash it’ll cost you real money through in-app purchases though. We particularly liked the soundtrack.

Smack That Gugl

If you’re a fan of really annoying but addictive games, this is one for you. Smack That Gugl is simple, tap on the Gugl’s (the look like little balls of play-doh with eyes) before they explode and you lose a life. Avoid the Gugl’s if they’ve got the plague, and the multi-coloured Gugl’s may require a double tap, or could split into two. It really is very annoying, and the soundtrack doesn’t take away from that. Absolute time-waster.

Logos Quiz Game

It’s official. The Logos Quiz Game has taken over the top charts, with over 5,000 five star reviews on the iTunes App Store. We can see why. It’s frustrating, but extraordinarily satisfying when you finally remember what company the logo you’ve been staring at for ages belongs to. There are currently eight levels to play through, with hundreds of logos to figure out, and the developer says that more levels will be added in a future update. The interface is clean and fresh, and there are hints to help out if you get stuck. You can also ask your friends on Facebook and Twitter for a helping hand. It’s designed for both iPhone and iPad.


SloPro lets you create slow motion video on your iPhone. You can capture 60fps video (only on iPhone 4S) from within the app and toggle slow motion on and off by tapping, or using the volume (-) button. Once you’ve captured the video you can edit it, choosing the speed of the slow motion (Slow, Slower, Slowest), and choosing what point of your film the slow motion begins and ends. The app lets you export to Facebook or Youtube, but you’ll have to upgrade to get extra export options and save to your camera library, which will set you back £1.49.

LINE Camera

LINE camera is a surprisingly useful app for making fun photos to share with friends.Take photos from within the app and edit them, by adding filters, or adjusting the brightness, contrast, and saturation. There are also loads of borders and stamps available to add to your photo. The stamps include hearts, stars, flowers, jewels, fruits, drinks, characters, animals, wigs, sunglasses, ribbons, facial hair… the list goes on. There’s a customisable paintbrush tool, so you can draw your own illustrations onto your photo, and you can add text to the photo too. When you’re happy, you can share with Facebook, Twitter and more. The photos automatically save to your photo library.

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