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Google's Chrome browser for iOS is well made and a pleasure to use, particularly if you're deeply entrenched in Google's ecosystem. If you use Chrome on the Mac, for instance, you can sign into Chrome on both and sync your tabs.

Chrome includes a voice-search mechanism, but this time it's bundled with the browser for free; and we all know how good Google is at voice control.

Chrome's tab management is excellent, if currently quite similar to Safari. You can quickly create new tabs, rearrange them and move between them in a 3D manager view; unlike in Safari's equivalent, swiping any tab to the right closes it.

The general interface is strong, too: back in the main view swiping right takes you to the previously viewed tab, and we like the user-friendly 'drag down to refresh' that you get on all web pages.

It's easy to invoke 'private browsing', although in this case it's called Incognito Mode. And Chrome offers to cut your data usage with a Data Saver optimisation mode. According to Google, the reduction may be as much as 50 percent.

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Best free iPhone apps: Chrome


If you don't like advertisers tracking the websites you visit - and this is a widespread practice - then Ghostery is the browser for you.

The app is designed with anonymity as its primary aim. The app collects no user data, and there are no cookies and no signups. And if the web page you're on is using any ad trackers, Ghostery will spot them and warn you with a red icon.

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Best free iPhone apps: Ghostery

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