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Kids' apps

BBC CBeebies Playtime Island

This bundle of educational mini puzzles and games related to various CBeebies characters and shows is ideal for soothing and pacifying the younger user.

There are no ads or in-app purchases to worry about, and a parental lock that means you can give it to your little one with some peace of mind.

FREE | Download Playtime Island

Best free iPhone apps: BBC CBeebies Playtime Island

BBC iPlayer Kids

iPlayer and an old iPad are a lifesaving combination for parents bundling small and medium-sized children on to a plane, but it may be worth switching to this more youngster-tailored version of the app.

The design is more suited to young sensibilities, both visually and in terms of ease of navigation, and of course, there's no danger of your toddler stumbling across something age-inappropriate. (Handily, the app also incorporates a 'safety lock' to keep young users in the app.)

FREE | Download iPlayer Kids

Best free iPhone apps: iPlayer Kids

YouTube Kids

Like iPlayer Kids, this is a simple and appealing concept: an app that means your kids can easily access YouTube's vast video library without you having to watch everything over their shoulder. The buttons are bigger, the video categories are simpler, parental and other controls are hidden behind a safety lock and a little message comes up from time to time instructing the viewer to go and play.

FREE | Download YouTube Kids

Best free iPhone apps: YouTube Kids

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