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Photo & video apps

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express for iOS is a cut-down, free version of Adobe's dominant image-editing software. There's basic editing features that allow you to crop, touch up, straighten, and generally enhance your photos, plus support for Google Photos, Dropbox, Facebook, and Creative Cloud.

FREE | Download Adobe Photoshop Express

Best free iPhone apps: Adobe Photoshop Express


Want to have fun creating voice-overs or miming popular internet videos/sounds? Then Dubsmash is the perfect app for you! We find this app a lot of fun and is a nice way to pass-by time with your family and friends. You'll need a login to use the app, but it's free and easy to get one.

FREE | Download Dubsmash

Best free iPhone apps: Dubsmash


This AI-powered filter app allows you to tweak your appearance with impressively realistic results.

You can get the app to scan your photo library for selfies to use, or you can take one in-app, and that's where the fun begins; you can change your hairstyle, airbrush your skin and make yourself look old. Give it a go - the results will probably shock you!

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Best free iPhone apps: FaceApp


If you're a photographer and often upload your photos to Flickr, this app is obviously a must-have. But it also works for those who just like looking at beautiful and often professionally taken photographs.

In order to use the app, you'll need to have a Flickr account, but you can create one straight from the app.

FREE | Download Flickr for iPhone

Best free iPhone apps: Flickr


There are two main areas of Instagram: photo editing and social. Editing photos is very simple: existing photos can be selected from your photo roll, or you can capture a new image within the app itself. Once you've chosen a photo, the Filter panel enables you to tweak the look of your photos using different effects.

But it's the social side of Instagram that really sets it apart. You can share your photos on your Facebook, Flickr and Tumblr accounts as well as with Foursquare, which enables you to tag a photo with its location. Instagram also works as a social network in its own right.

FREE | Download Instagram

Best free iPhone apps: Instagram


Often used to view the latest fashion and inspiring artists, Pinterest is a fun way to pin your favourite interests in one place. The app is well designed and fun to use. A virtual scrapbook for the internet.

FREE | Download Pinterest

Best free iPhone apps: Pinterest


Snapchat took the world by storm back in 2011, and has grown from strength to strength ever since. It's a fun way of sharing your life moments with those close to you.

Each photo you send has a timer attached to it; once this expires your contacts aren't able to view it any more. There are ways to save photos, though, so make sure you don't send any sensitive material.

FREE | Download Snapchat for iPhone

Best free iPhone apps: Snapchat


Snapseed might be free, but its tools and enhancements rival those of many paid-for photo apps on the iPhone.

From single-tap Auto Correct and tools for cropping and straightening to more creative options such as Retrolux, Grunge and Tilt-Shift, Snapseed is packed with features and worthy of a place on your home screen.

FREE | Download Snapseed for iPhone

Best free iPhone apps: Snapseed


A must-have iPhone photography app, even in its free form.

Offers a solid choice of everyday editing tools along with striking, evocative photo presets. VSCO Cam also includes a social aspect in the form of VSCO Grid, a photo-publishing platform that allows users to submit work, find and follow photographers and view a curated selection of appealing images.

FREE | Download VSCO Cam for iPhone

Best free iPhone apps: VSCO Cam

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