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Sports apps

BBC Sport

When it first launched, we criticised the BBC Sport app for its bugs and lack of ambition, but the offering has been polished and improved in the intervening years. And the vital simplicity and ease of use remains.

They've also added a feature called My Sport, which allows you to create a personalised page that will supply the latest scores for the teams you support (or strongly dislike, if you're into the whole schadenfreude thing) as well as news that involves them.

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Best free iPhone apps: BBC Sport

Cricinfo - Live Cricket Scores

Obviously this one's a bit more niche than the BBC's general-sports offering, but when your niche is the world's greatest sport - one which is "battle and service and sport and art", as Douglas Jardine put it - then you're probably doing okay.

Like the best website-to-free-app translations, ESPNcricinfo offers essentially the same content and offering that you'd find on its website, but arranged in an easier-to-consume and mobile-friendly format. You can switch easily between the most important sections - Home (offering a mixture of scores, match reports, comment pieces and videos), scores and ball-by-ball commentary for current and recent matches, and dedicated coverage of particular series.

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Best free iPhone apps: Cricinfo


Knowing what's going on in the world is always useful, and Reuters is a well-designed app which allows you to quickly see breaking news, analysis and even market data.

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Best free iPhone apps: Reuters

The Weather Channel

One of the best weather-checking apps on the App Store: its pleasant and easy interface allows you to quickly check the weather. The Weather Channel can also be used within the Notification Centre in the Today view.

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Best free iPhone apps: The Weather Channel

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