You can expect to see lots of fantastic deals as retailers drop their prices to encourage us to part with our money. We keep on the look out for the biggest discounts so you get the best deals around.

In this article we focus on storage - be it hard drives, flash drives, NAS drives or memory sticks. Whatever you are looking for, you don't want to spend any more money than necessary, so we've gathered up the best storage deals currently available.

Best hard drive and storage deals right now

Best hard drive and storage discounts: What to look for

When it comes to storage, unless you paid a premium for a humungous SSD, Fusion Drive or hard drive when you bought your Mac, you have probably ended up with not enough room for all your files.

Alternatively, you might just want a handy external drive to copy files on to so you can share them between more than one computer.

Maybe you need something to back up your Mac to, because, as we are always saying, your really ought to be backing up. 

In addition to the many reasons you might have for looking for external storage, there are many different kinds of drives, with some being better suited to your needs than others.

If you are looking for fast storage so that you can work off the external drive then you might be best off with a flash drive (aka SSD), even better if it works with Thunderbolt 3.

For anyone who wants to back up their Mac, but doesn't want to have to leave it plugged into a hard drive on their desk, a NAS drive might be a good solution, allowing you to back up over a wireless network.

If you are just wanting a small drive to carry files around on, then you will just want a thumbstick. You can find really high capacity but incredibly tiny flash drives these days that might be perfect.

Want the highest capacity drive you can get for your money? Although flash storage is getting cheaper it's a lot more expensive than the equivalent in the older hard drive format. So if you need lots of space a hard drive is probably your best bet.

Whatever your reason for looking for external storage, we've gathered some of the best hard drive, flash drive, SSD, NAS, and thumb drive deals here.

One important thing to note when buying a new hard drive, or any form of storage, is it may not work with a Mac straight out of the box due to the different file format used by Macs and PCs. It may mean that you need to reformat the drive - we have a guide to formatting a drive for Mac here. Alternatively, make sure you note whether the drive is Mac compatible before buying. Sometimes there is software included that might make setting up and using the drive easier - but can only cause problems for you if it doesn't work with a Mac.

For more detailed advice on choosing the best hard drive, best flash drive or SSD, or ultimate NAS, for you, take a look at our group tests at the links above.

Where to find hard drive and storage deals

The following sites sell hard drives and are likely to offer excellent deals leading up to the end of the year. (We've linked to the hard drive/storage sections of the websites to make your life slightly easier.)

Remember that deals don't last very long, so your best bet would be to check them regularly and act decisively when you spot a bargain.

But don't be in such a rush that you don't do research before buying. While checking reviews, find out the usual selling price, because some retailers have been known to put prices up ahead of the sales so the discounts seem more impressive.

Best hard drive deals

1. WD My Book 3TB

From: Amazon

Was: £112

Now: £75.74  (32% off)

This external 3TB hard drive is compatible with iOS and Windows, and now has decent price cut while the deal lasts.

2. Samsung T5 500GB Portable SSD Hard Drive

From: Amazon

Was: £178.74

Now: £89.48  (50% off)

This 'ocean blue' 500GB SSD from Samsung connects via USB 3.1 and comes with a USB Type-C cable. Works with both Mac and Windows. You can also get the 1TB model for 21% off.

3. LcCie 4TB Rugged

From: Amazon

Was: £149.99

Now: £130.72  (£19.27 off)

One of the most rugged drives around, LaCie makes a trustworthy USB-C drive which is shock, rain and pressure resistant.

4. SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD (1TB)

From: Amazon

Was: £234.99

Now: £129.99  (£105 off)

Get a great price on this 1TB portable SSD from SanDisk, with almost half off the RRP. It can handle speeds of up to 550MB/s and is also shock-, water- and dust-resistant.

5. Western Digital My Cloud Home NAS Drive - 4TB

From: Currys PC World

Was: £199.99

Now: £149.99  (£50 off)

This WD My Cloud Home NAS Drive had a 4TB hard drive and 5 Gbps USB 3. It's Mac compatible and will automatically back up your data wirelessly.

6. PNY CS900 SSD

From: eBuyer

Was: £109.98

Now: £74.98  (£35 off)

Get a great price on this 1TB SATA III solid state disk. It offers speeds of up to Up to 550 MB/s

7. SanDisk Ultra 64GB USB Flash Drive

From: Amazon

Was: £16.15

Now: £10.12  (37% off)

There's almost half off this SanDisk memory stick, so you get 64GB storage for not much at all. (It's USB-3 so it works with older USB ports, but not the newer USB-C.)

8. Seagate 4TB Backup Plus with 2 months of Adobe CC Photography

From: Amazon

Was: £142.91

Now: £91.89  (£51.02 off)

This drive is huge comes with two month free membership to Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan and it works with MacOS without having to reformat.

9. Western Digital My Passport Ultra

From: Amazon

Was: £146.99

Now: £107.99  (£39 off)

Looking for a lot of storage that won't cost an arm and a leg? You can currently get 5TB for just over £100 thanks to this Western Digital deal.

10. Seagate IronWolf 4TB

From: eBuyer

Was: £103.94

Now: £87.59  (£16.35 off)

Get a 4TB disk made specially for NAS drives at under £90.