The iPhone X is undoubtedly the best mobile device that Apple has ever created, but that quality comes at a high price. The sad truth is that £1,000 of glass, metal and electronic components can soon be reduced to a worthless pile of scrap if it takes a harsh fall or goes for a ride in a washing machine. That's why it's essential that you have insurance.

We've put together a guide to what you should look for when investing in a policy to protect your precious handset, and how to find the best deals. Check out our other guide to getting a phone insurance if you own a different iPhone model.

In the meantime we'd recommend buying a case to keep your phone safe. Read our Best iPhone X cases guide to see what we think should be adorning your device.

What does an iPhone insurance policy cover?

This is the first question you should be asking yourself, because different companies and policies offer different types of cover. Be sure to check that everything you're worried about is included in the plan, such as theft, accidental damage, cracked screens, liquid damage and so on.

Best insurance for iPhone X

Obviously, the more things you want covered, the higher the price is likely to be. So weigh up the risks versus the outlay to find the policy that gives you the best balance.

It's also a good idea to check the details of your Home Contents insurance (if you have this) as it can often extend to devices outside the home.

In some cases, opting for a multi-device policy can work out cheaper overall. If you have family members looking to safeguard their shiny new Apple flagships then it might be worth banding together.

Keep an eye on the small print

Just as with other forms of insurance, you'll need to be aware of the terms and conditions that apply. Take careful note of any excess charges. These are the amounts you'll be required to pay when you make a claim. For example, on Protect Your Bubble you'll be expected to stump up £100 for a lost or stolen iPhone X.

Then there's the age of your device, as some insurance operators will only cover handsets less than six months old.

Caveat emptor applies here, so be sure to read thoroughly through the terms and conditions so you understand the nature and scope of your policy.

Which providers should I use?

As you might imagine, policy details change all the time, with companies offering various incentives to join their ranks. With this in mind you'll always want to check multiple vendors and make use of comparison sites to get the best deals.

Mobile providers - If you like keeping your bills in one place, then it might be worth speaking to your mobile provider as it will often have insurance cover available, although usually for devices you've bought on a contract.

Protect Your Bubble - The name might be a bit odd, but when it comes to insuring your device, Protect Your Bubble is a very strong candidate. Winner of the What Mobile Awards for Best Insurance Provider in 2015, 2016 and 2017, it's a tried-and-tested brand.

At the time of writing you can get cover for your iPhone X 64GB that includes theft, damage and breakdown, all for £11.99 p/m. Loss cover is also on offer if you want to pay an additional £1.50 p/m.

Devices must be no older than six months at the start of the policy, and bought new or refurbished from a manufacturer or network provider. The excess is £100.

Insurance2go - The company currently sitting at the top of's list of recommended mobile insurance providers is Insurance2go.

It covers accidents, theft, liquid damage, unauthorised calls (up to £1,000) and loss. Again the phone needs to be a maximum of six months old when you buy your policy, and the excess is £100. Current price of the policy is £9.99 p/m or one payment of £109.99 for 12 months.

Gadget Cover - This service is 5-star-rated by Defaqto, one of the UK's leading independent financial researchers.

Using our iPhone X 64GB as the standard, we found the company offering a policy for £9.99 p/m or £109.89 p/a, which covered accidental damage, liquid damage, breakdown, theft, unauthorised calls and an excess of £75. Loss cover is also available for an additional £2 p/m.

Best insurance for iPhone X: Gadget Cover

AppleCare - If you're happy to run with the risk of not insuring against theft or loss, then AppleCare is another solid option. Read our Is AppleCare worth it? feature for a more detailed look at Apple's own coverage.