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Best iPhone 11 cases 2020

The iPhone 11 might be the toughest ever but it won't stay scratch-free for long, so we've searched around for the best rugged, decorative, wallet and protective cases to keep your iPhone looking new and scuff-free.


  • best iphone 11 cases Best iPhone 11 Cases
  • iphone 11 silicone iPhone 11 Silicone Case
  • best iphone 11 cases clckr Clckr Stand Case
  • gear4 crystal palace Gear4 Crystal Palace
  • knok berlin KNOKberlin necklace
  • mujjo iphone 11 case Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 11
  • razer arctech pro Razer Arctech Pro
  • case mate twinkle case for iphone 11 Case Mate Twinkle
  • ringke fusion x iphone 11 case Ringke Fusion X
  • qdos eco QDOS ECO Case
  • otterbox iphone 11 Otter + Pop Symmetry Series Case
  • totallee thin case iphone 11 red Totallee Thin Case
  • ted baker book case for iphone 11 Ted Baker Book Case
  • moshi iphone glaze Moshi iGlaze
  • snakehive iphone 11 case Snakehive Vintage Wallet
  • best iphone 11 case casetify parasite Casetify Impact
  • mouse limitless cases Mous Limitless 3.0
  • tech 21 evo check case for iphone 11 Tech21 Evo Check
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If you've picked up a shiny new iPhone 11, you should probably start searching for the perfect case to protect it.

There’s a range of different cases on offer to suit your budget and needs. Whether you’re looking for something practical and minimalist, or stylish and luxurious, here are the best ones on the market right now.

If you're looking for getting the best offer for the new Apple phone, then check out the best deals for the iPhone 11 range. We also have roundups for iPhone 11 Pro cases and the iPhone 11 Pro Max cases.  Also consider our recommended best battery cases for iPhone 11.

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If you've picked up a shiny new iPhone 11, you should probably start searching for the perfect case to protect it.

There’s a range of different cases on offer to suit your budget and needs. Whether you’re looking for something practical and minimalist, or stylish and luxurious, here are the best ones on the market right now.

If you're looking for getting the best offer for the new Apple phone, then check out the best deals for the iPhone 11 range. We also have roundups for iPhone 11 Pro cases and the iPhone 11 Pro Max cases.  Also consider our recommended best battery cases for iPhone 11.


Apple iPhone 11 Silicone Case

Apple's official silicone case can be bought alongside your new iPhone direct from the website.

While not the most affordable, Apple claims it has undergone thousands of hours of testing and you can ensure it meets the company's high standards of quality control. 

The case is typical of many silicone cases, adding very little bulk while still protecting the fragile glass back of the phone.

Crucially, it still supports wireless charging and you can choose from black or white variants. 

The case is available on Apple's website for £45.00/US$39.00.


Clckr Stand Case for iPhone 11

Clckr is a new brand on our radar with a simple yet clever design. The cases come with an in-built, adjustable grip band on the back that clicks into place to convert into a stand – it's perfect for both landscape and portrait view.

The cases themselves are well-built and strong and feel comfortable to grip. If you prefer, you can also buy the adhesive Clckr straps individually for £9.99/US$14.99 and just stick them onto your existing phone case. UK shoppers can pick up the stand-alone grip stands for £9.99 from Amazon.

Clckr cases are available for the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max for £24.99/$29.99. The company offers a one year warranty and free shipping over £25/$35. UK shoppers can pick up the case for around £19 from Amazon.


Gear4 Crystal Palace

The Gear4 Crystal Palace is a great case, both in terms of its simple design and the company's patented D30 protection material that offers impressive 16ft drop protection. Don't assume the heavy-duty drop protection indicates a bulky case either, as the Crystal Palace is relatively slim compared to other protective cases, and can be used with wireless chargers too. 

It features a small raised lip on the front that should keep your display suspended when placed face-down, avoiding hairline scratches, and the soft-touch finish adds to the overall premium feel of the case. We'd still recommend using a screen protector though, as the case won't do much if landing face-down on an uneven surface like gravel. 

It's available in a variety of colours, not just the blue finish we've seen, and can be picked up for £23.79 in the UK and $26.99 in the US.


KNOKberlin phone necklace

This option not only offers protection for your iPhone 11 with a rubberised case, it also bypasses the need for a bag or even pockets. KNOKberlin made this phone necklace after embracing the changing needs of people according to the seasons – not everyone wants to stuff their increasingly large phone in their pocket.

With a phone necklace, you can not only check your phone easily and quickly, you’re also far less likely to lose it – a big perk for some of us who are more on the absent minded side.

The protective cases are all transparent but the 150cm necklace strap is where you can accessorise. KNOKberlin has tons of different designs mostly made of strong, comfortable cord but there are a few other options such as leather. The eclectic straps are fully adjustable to let you wear your phone as a necklace or cross-body, making this case the perfect way to carry your phone no matter the time of year.

Prices start at €24,90 direct from KNOKberlin, and they ship worldwide.


Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 11

Available in four colours (Black, Tan, Monaco Blue and Alpine Green) this gorgeous iPhone 11 case both protects your valuable phone from knocks, drops and bumps, and doubles up as a card wallet at the back.

It's sleek and super lightweight, and allows the beauty of both Apple's design and the case experts of Mujjo to add to your iPhone-carrying pleasure. Yeah, we really like it.

If you don't want or need the card pouch, you can buy it without and save a bit of cash: the non-wallet Full Leather Case costs £40.41 / $50.29 / €44.90 from Mujjo, or via Amazon.


Razer Arctech Pro

The Razer Arctech Pro range has gamers locked in its sights, offering a thermaphene layer and little vents in the case that aim to lower the temperature of your iPhone during intense gaming sessions, improving both performance and overall battery life. 

It's not just a cool-looking heatsink though; the Arctech Pro offers heavy-duty drop protection - up to 10ft according to Razer - and the raised lip should help avoid smashing the screen to pieces when you inevitably drop it screen-down.

It's available in three colours - Black, White and Pink - and can be bought via Razer and Amazon with an RRP of £39.99/$39.99. 


Case Mate Twinkle (Stardust) case for iPhone 11

Case Mate is known for its bold and stylish designs, and the Twinkle case is no different. This glittery case isn’t just aesthetically pleasing - it also comes with a 10ft drop protection rating, anti-scratch technology and a lifetime warranty, so your phone will be well protected.

The case is also compatible with wireless charging, and has a flexible design which makes it easy to grip. Sitting in the mid-range for cases, you’ll be hitting the right mark between a flashy design and being functional.

You can get it on Case Mate for £36/US$40.00


Ringke Fusion X iPhone 11 Case

If you're looking for a no-nonsense case that will keep your phone safe, then Ringke has the answer. The outer edges will protect the phone from nasty falls, with a military-grade drop test.

With a clear back and black rim, this case will show off the design of your iPhone 11. Plus, it comes in at an extremely reasonable price.

You can buy the Ringke Fusion X for £4.25/US$11.99


QDOS ECO Case for iPhone 11

Much has been said about the potential environmental cost of the technology industry in recent years, so QDOS seeks to address that. 

Its ECO case is 100% biodegradable, and the company claim it can decompose within one year under the right conditions. 

The case itself is made from plant-based plastics, and adds minimal bulk at just 1.5mm thick. Its design also means it is compatible with wireless charging and a number of screen protectors. 

You can buy the case from the QDOS website for £24.99/US$30.83.


Otter + Pop Symmetry Series Case

Otterbox have built a strong reputation for their cases in recent year, and the Otter + Pop only builds on that.

A regular slimline casing features a built-in pop socket, which can help with gripping the phone or even taking selfies. Otterbox have also made it very easy to swap it out for a different design. 

The fun and quirky nature of the case is reflected in the colour choices, which include Lollipop (pictured), Mauveolous and Mint to Be. 

You can buy the Otter + Pop Symmetry case for £34.99/US$60.95, and you will be eligible for free shipping in the UK.


Totallee Thin Case for iPhone 11

Apple didn't invent the iPhone in all its colours and textures just for you to cover it up with a fancy case. But we all know that a dropped or scratched iPhone is not what Apple wants either.

So some of us just want a super-thin case that protects but otherwise shows off the iPhone as Apple intended. The minimal Thin iPhone Cases from Totallee are just 0.02in thick and don't have any branding on them.

There are three types: Transparent (so owners can still enjoy the great new colours), and Matte in either Frosted Clear, Frosted Black, Solid Black, Navy Blue and Red - all cost £35/US$35. There's also a case in Black Leather for $39.


Ted Baker Book Case for iPhone 11

If you want a case that can double as a daily accessory, then look no further than this book case from Proporta and Ted Baker. The case features a floral print (which comes in three styles - Hedgerow, Opal and Babylon), a rose gold shell and an interior mirror. 

The electroplated back shell will also keep your iPhone safe and secure, whilst the cover will protect your screen from any nicks whilst it's in your pocket. 

You can buy the Hedgerow-finish Ted Baker Book Case for £33.15/US$49.95


Moshi iGlaze iPhone 11 Ultra Slim Hardshell Case

Simple yet effective, this case from Moshi offers a block colour hardshell with military-grade drop protection. 

The design also has raised bezel to help protect your screen when it's lying down flat, is compatible with wireless charging and is able to be used with the Moshi Mounting System for hands-free. 

The Moshi iGlaze case is £34.95/US$34.95.


Snakehive Vintage Wallet Case iPhone 11

Made from full grain cowhide nubuck leather from Europe, this case covers the front of your phone and offers both sophisticated style and protection. 

It comes in a choice of six colours, and you can also make it more personalised by adding your initials to the case. Fancy!

You can buy it from Snakehive for £28.95/US$36.99


Casetify Ultra Impact iPhone 11 Case

Casetify actually "double dare" readers to drop the phone with this case on, and it's no wonder considering it has a whopping 3 metres of drop protection with shockproof material. 

Even though it's heavy-duty, this case doesn't compromise on design. You can go for clear and classic, or you can jazz up your phone with one of seven arty designs. You can also personalise your case on the website - a nice extra touch. 

Purchase the Casetify Ultra Impact iPhone 11 Case for £40.00/US$54.00.

Casetify often collaborates with other popular brands and celebrities to produce eye-catching, limited edition phone cases and accessories. Most recently, it released cases themed after the Oscar-winning film Parasite

We tried out the Impact Case (pictured) with the Film Collage pattern. It felt sturdy yet lightweight and we especially liked the back of the cases was resistant to fingerprints. 

View the Parasite collection over at Casetify (cases starting at £35). 


Mous Limitless 3.0 Phone Case for iPhone 11

If you want a range of materials, then we suggest the Mous Limitless 3.0 Phone case. Coming with the Airoshock Technology - designed to dampen the impact of falls - you’ll be able to have a unqiue style without sacrificing the protection of your iPhone 11.

You can choose from a total of five finishes - aramid fibre, bamboo, black leather, walnut and white leather. 

You can buy the Mous case for £34.99/US$44.99 on the Mous website.  


Tech21 Evo Check case for iPhone 11

The Evo Check from Tech21 is a tried and tested case on many other phones for us at Macworld, so it's certainly one to check out for your iPhone 11. 

Coming in a minimalist check pattern - and a choice of three colours - this case features built-in antimicrobial protection which keeps your case hygienically clean. You also get two additional button sets to mix up the colour of your case. 

The Evo Check is available for £29.95/US$39.95

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