2020 has been a year of firsts for the iPhone range. For the first time, the launch event took place in October instead of the customary September, while it's also the first time Apple has released four phones from a single generation. 

To avoid being overwhelmed with new iPhones, the company has perhaps wisely staggered the release dates. The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are on sale now, and will be our focus for this article. You can also check out our separate round-up of iPhone 12 mini cases

There's even more attention on the iPhone cases with the introduction of MagSafe. You might remember this as the magnetic charging port on older MacBooks, but it's been reimagined here to allow for more effective wireless charging. We'll be sure to mention if each of the cases mentioned here supports it.

The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro have identical screen sizes and dimensions, so the vast majority of cases will fit both models. 

As a quick disclaimer, we haven't been able to test all the cases in this round-up but can easily recommend them based on the brand's strong reputation. 

To learn more about the phones themselves, check out our full guide to the iPhone 12 range. Plus read our iPhone 12 review and iPhone 12 Pro review.

Please note that the iPhone 12 cases will not be compatible with the iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro.



Official Apple Silicone

Apple iPhone 12/12 Pro Silicone Case with MagSafe

What better place to start than one straight from Apple itself. The silicone case has been a staple iPhone case for many years, and with good reason - it offers excellent protection and grip while adding almost no bulk to the device. 

We particularly like the Deep Navy colour pictured, but the (PRODUCT)RED is always a good option as it directly funds programmes to treat HIV/AIDS. It's also being used as part of the COVID-19 response in 2020.  

As you might expect, this case has full support for MagSafe, and is available for £49/US$49.

Check out the full range of official cases on the Apple website

In another article we investigate how the iPhone 12 case that shows the time works.


Otterbox Figura

Otterbox Figura Series Case for iPhone 12/12 Pro

If you're after a more eye-catching design, the Otterbox Figura Series should fit the bill. 

Made from soft TPU material, this case adds very little bulk to the iPhone 12 or 12 Pro, while at the same time adding plenty of grip and keeping your screen/cameras safe. 

There are four stunning designs to choose from, including the Teal variant pictured. All are MagSafe compatible. 

Otterbox has a strong reputation for cases in its own right, but the Figura series is exclusive to Apple for the iPhone 12/12 Pro. Buy it now for £39.95/US$49.95.


Spigen Tough Armor

Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 12/12 Pro Case

It's difficult to leave Spigen cases out of our round-ups these days, particularly as they offer such fantastic protection. 

That's especially true of the Tough Armor, which offers military-grade protection and Air Cushion Technology to absorb the impact of any bumps or drops. This hardshell case is made from a blend of TPU and polycarbonate and includes Spigen's customary built-in kickstand for hands-free viewing. 

There's no mention of MagSafe on the Spigen website, so it may not be compatible with Apple's new wireless charging technology. Nonetheless, you can currently buy it from Amazon for £14.99/US$16.99.


Mous Limitless 3.0

Mous Limitless 3.0 for iPhone 12

Despite its slim nature, the third generation of Mous' Limitless Case offers truly excellent protection for your phone. 

Made from a range of durable materials, the Limitless 3.0 utilises the company's 'AiroShock' technology to absorb even the most extreme impacts. Mous subjects its cases to extreme drop tests, which this case was able to pass with flying colours. 

It still looks good though, with the Aramid Fibre model pictured adding grip with a textured back. All variants also have built-in compartments for spare SIM cards and a SIM card ejector tool. 

With regards to MagSafe compatibility, Mous says it is "confident that their cases will not prevent iPhone 12 users from utilising Apple’s new MagSafe Wireless Chargers", although did acknowledge that the process might not be as seamless. 

You can buy it now for £44.99/US$54.99.


Casetify Monogram

Casetify Monogram Leather Case for iPhone 12

If you're interested in a leather case for your iPhone 12 or 12 Pro, this case is made from biodegradable vegan leather, it adds a premium look and feel without breaking the bank. It's also extremely environmentally friendly, being manufactured from 90% recycled materials.

There's a range of colours to choose from, including the attractive 'Latte' pictured. If that's not enough, you can also personalise the case by adding text in a colour and style of your choosing.

You can buy it now for £47/US$60


Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case

Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 12

This premium leather iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro case features a handy card wallet on the outside that can hold two or three bank or commuter cards. Throw away your wallet and go phone-only.

It's made with full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather, and lined with "Japanese microfiber" with a satin-like finish.

The grip feels robust so you're less likely to drop your precious iPhone, which is also protected by a 1mm bezel for screen safety if it does fall from your hand.

It's available in Black, Tan, Monaco Blue and Slate Green colours, and really does look high-end.

Mujjo sells versions for all the iPhone 12 range, from 12 mini to 12 Pro Max.

It costs £45 or US$49.95 from Amazon and comes with a two-year warranty.


Totallee Thin

Totallee Thin iPhone 12 case

Totallee redefines just how little bulk a phone case can add, adding just 0.02in to the frame of the iPhone 12 and a mere 0.1kg to its weight. 

While it won't quite provide military-grade protection, it will keep your iPhone 12 safe from the bumps, drops and scratches of everyday usage. There are also subtle front and back 'lips' to protect the screen and camera. 

Considering its profile, the case felt surprisingly tough and durable - it feels like it could even convince people who aren't usually a fan of cases. 

You can buy it now for US$35, which equates to around £27.83 at the time of writing. 


Speck Presidio2 ArmorCloud

Speck Presidio2 Armor Cloud iPhone 12 case

The name of this Speck case gives it a lot to live up to, but the Presidio2 ArmorCloud more than delivers. 

Don't be fooled by the thin, minimalist design, as this case uses 'ArmorCloud' technology to provide 16-foot drop protection. While I can't verify these claims, the hard shell design definitely felt extremely durable. It's also coated in a film that makes it more resistant to scratches than your average case.

Speck doesn't specifically mention MagSafe on its website, but the wireless charging support would suggest Apple's new accessories will also be compatible. 

You can buy it now in the UK and US at $59.95, which translates to around £47.66 at the time of writing. 

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We are hearing that some Apple cases have been produced - accidentally we imagine - without holes for the speakers - here's more information: Apple's selling cases without holes for the speaker