Apple released its latest 5G iPhones on 24 September. The range, much like the previous generation, consists of the iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max and the 13 mini.

The iPhone 13 mini offers a 5.4in Super Retina XDR OLED display that's 28% brighter than the iPhone 12's. Of course, that won't be much use if it's scuffed, or worse, broken.

Like the iPhone 12 phones, the iPhone 13 comes with MagSafe – a built-in magnetic feature that allows the phone to effortlessly snap onto MagSafe compatible wireless chargers to stay in place. See our full guide to MagSafe

If you want to ensure your iPhone charges properly, you'll need a MagSafe compatible case. Alternatively, if you don't have a MagSafe charger and just want to make the most of wireless (or even wired charging), you'll need a case that cooperates.

Here, we're rounding up the best iPhone 13 mini cases from some of the best brands in the industry. Whether you're after a MagSafe case, rugged, protective or designer case, we've got you sorted. 

Most of the cases we've listed are available to buy from the manufacturer or Amazon, if you want to get faster shipping with Prime.  

We're also looking at where to buy the iPhone 13 phones, which includes the best deals on at the moment. See our iPhone 13 mini review.

See the best cases for the iPhone 13 here.

Apple Silicone Case - Reliable Original

Apple Silicone Case for iPhone 13 mini

You can't go wrong with a case directly from Apple. Thankfully, the brand has an assortment of colours to choose from for the iPhone 13 mini.

Its silicone cases are all MagSafe compatible, which means you can pop it onto a wireless charger without worrying the contact isn't secure. It also gives you the flexibility to add additional accessories to the iPhone, such as the wallet attachment (£59/US$59/AU$95).

The only downside is it can be on the pricier side, but you can be certain you're getting drop and scratch protection you can trust. 

Available directly from Apple for (£49/US$49/AU$79) or Amazon where it's cheaper (£39/$49).

Otterbox Figura - Clean and colourful

Otterbox Figura for iPhone 13 mini

OtterBox is a brand you can trust when it comes to rugged and protective iPhone cases. In fact, OtterBox is so trusted that Apple itself sells exclusive OtterBox cases at the Apple Store. 

The Figura Series, available in four bold and vibrant options offer lightweight protection that should keeps scuffs and scratches at bay. It's also totally MagSafe compatible, so will work with Apple's magnetic accessories too. 

You can find the OtterBox Figura cases exclusively at Apple for £39.95/$49.95/AU$79.95.

Mujjo Leather Case - Elegant and affordable

Mujjo Full Leather Case for iPhone 13 mini

Mujjo's gorgeous leather cases are a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their iPhone 13 mini safe, but also looking stylish and elegant. 

Designed in the Netherlands, Mujjo's lightweight and bulk-free cases are made with genuine full-grain vegetable-tanned leather. Raised edges around the display and cameras keep scuffs away while a soft micro-fibre lining on the inside ensures your iPhone 13 mini doesn't suffer from any scratches. 

Mujjo offers a 2-year warranty and a 30-day returns policy, but it'll be difficult not to love. 

Pick it up directly from Mujjo for £39.90/$44.90 or from Amazon (£34.95/$44.95).

We're also fans of Mujjo's leather wallet case (£39.95/$49.95 on Amazon), which lets you fit two cards on the outside. 

Mous Limitless 4.0 - Best Rugged & Stylish

Mous Limitless 4.0 Case for iPhone 13 mini

Mous is a heavy-weight when it comes to light-weight but robust iPhone cases. Its designs are gorgeous too.

Mous's AiroShock technology offers excellent drop protection, while the raised lip around the camera and screen keeps scratches away. 

Mous's Limitless series is one we've seen across many generations of iPhone. This time around, Mous promises it's the thinnest yet (we certainly could tell a difference compared to the iPhone X version we had at hand). 

The Limitless 4.0 case is fully MagSafe compatible and comes in a variety of finishes including Bamboo, Aramid Fibre, Speckled Fabric, Walnut, and leather.

Mous also offers a lifetime warranty – which is excellent value from just £39.99/$54.99 a pop. You can also find the Limitless 4.0 cases for iPhone 13 mini on Amazon.

Ted Baker Mirror Case - Best Designer Case

Ted Baker Talleu Mirror Case for iPhone 13 mini

This is a case that's worth showing off. The Ted Baker Talleu case is a faux-leather option ("vegan leather" if you will) with a gorgeous floral print. 

It's a folio case so opens up much like the wallet options on this list, but instead of slots for cards, you get a full mirror panel along the inside flap – perfect for a quick touch-up on the go. 

As for protection, the case is reinforced with an electroplated shell which keeps your 13 mini safe from all sides, and edges around sensitive areas are raised as well.

Keep in mind, it's not a MagSafe case, but it is compatible with wireless charging. With easy access to ports, you don't have to remove the case for wired charging either.

Pick it up from Proporta for £40/US$56 (where you also get a one-year exchange warranty) or from Amazon.