In an ideal world we’d all use our iPhones without cases or screen protectors and nature and Jony Ive intended. But realistically, we are all terrified of breaking our most prized technological possession. And fair enough!

The iPhone XR has a luscious 6.1in Retina display that is aching to be used but unfortunately susceptible to scratches and smashes if dropped. Thankfully there are a good few screen protectors on the market to help you avoid iDisaster.

Apple doesn’t make its own screen protectors so it’s important to pick one that’s half decent – there are tons of rubbish ones on Amazon.

All the screen protectors in this round up are either ones we have tested, or are from brands with similar products we’ve used on other iPhones. They’re all a bit different but there’s one for everyone.

Good luck applying it without getting bubbles or dust under it!


Tech21 Impact Shield for iPhone XR

Tech21 makes great cases for the iPhone XR  and this screen protector is just as good. It’s not a glass one though, so may not protect you from smashes.

But it’s thinner than a glass one and is self-heal, so as and when it picks up scratches and dinks it’ll flatten out again over time as it’s not 100% solid and is made from film.

It has three layers and it also comes with an applicator to help you fit it straight. 


Belkin InvisiGlass Ultra Screen Protection for iPhone XR

Apple only recommends and sells Belkin screen protectors for the XR and this is our pick. Glass protectors offer the best resistance from screen smashes but it does mean if you drop your phone with one on the protector itself is likely to smash.

But that’s much better than the phone screen smashing. It’s also great if you’re prone to chucking your phone in a pocket or bag with keys and coins (madness in our book, but we’ve seen it done).

It comes with a full application kit for the best possible fit.


Moshi AirFoil Glass Screen Protector for iPhone XR

Another great glass screen protector for the XR is this one from Moshi. It has a specialised layer to prevent air bubbles when you’re fitting it.

As with all the protectors in this list it doesn’t affect touch input or sensitivity and you should barely notice it’s on. It’s only 0.3mm thick and is noticeably subtler than some other glass options.

Moshi also makes a privacy minded version that blacks out your screen from the angle someone might peer over your shoulder. 


Zagg Invisibile Shield glass+ visionguard for iPhone XR

Despite not being the easiest thing to apply thanks to confusing instructions, this protector does something a little extra and blocks certain blue lights that phone screens emit and can contribute to digital eye strain.

Zagg claims the Eyesafe tech here can block potentially harmful wavelengths of light – ideal if you look at your phone all day (we are all guilty).

But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that it changes the colour of your screen. Everything will look as it should. And given it’s made from glass you also get the full advantage of shatter resistance.