It's no secret that iPhone screen has been getting progressively bigger over time.

Apple stuck with the original model's now-tiny 3.5in screen for years, before steady increases to a peak of 6.5in on the iPhone XS Max. However, the sweet spot appears to be 5.8in, a size introduced on the iPhone X which has since been replicated on the iPhone XS and iPhone 11 Pro. 

But while screen technology has taken huge steps forward in recent years, the fragility of these displays certainly hasn't.

You probably wouldn't dream of using a modern glass-backed phone without a case, so why wouldn't you want to protect the screen too?

Apple does offer a screen repair service, but with prices starting at £282.44 (US$279) out of warranty, it's a perfect example of prevention being better than cure. The good news is that many of the screen protectors on the market work across all three models, so if you plan on upgrading your iPhone you may be in luck. If not, we've linked to the 11 Pro version wherever available. 

As well as reducing the impact of any drops, a screen protector will also minimise the tiny scratches and chips that become inevitable with everyday usage. It won't help avoid the burn-in problems from OLED technology of course, so check out our guide to avoiding screen burn-in.

We've also rounded up the best screen protectors for other iPhone models and the best iPhone 11 screen protectors.

Not picked up a case yet? See our dedicated guides for the iPhone 11 ProiPhone XS and iPhone X.

Tech21 Impact Shield Screen Protector for iPhone XS

Tech21 Impact Shield Screen Protector for iPhone XS

This Tech21 screen protector offers a flexible layer that sticks to your phone to absorb force. It's self-healing, which means that it smooths over small day-to-day scratches.

It's made of Tech21's patented BulletShield, which it claims is used in bulletproof glass. They don't quite claim it'd make your iPhone bulletproof - and we really don't recommend testing the theory - but it should handle your house keys just fine.

Pick it up directly from Tech21 for £15.96/US$23.96 or from Amazon for £19.72 (UK only). Also available for the iPhone 11 Pro for £19.95.

Mous Hybrid Glass Screen Protector

Mous Hybrid Glass Protector

Mous set out to create a screen protector that offered the protection properties of plastic with the high-end feel of glass, and it has succeeded with the Hybrid Glass Screen Protector.

The protector is as slim as a thin plastic protector but offers the same level of protection as glass would, whilst not shattering upon impact. This allows you to carry on using the screen protector, even after a terrifying screen-down drop.

We're also huge fans of the 'rig' that comes with the protector. It helps you perfectly align the protector with the display of the iPhone whilst also combating those annoying bubbles! 

You can pick it up directly from Mous for £14.99 or US$19.99. It's also available on Amazon for £11.99 (UK only).

Pick it up for the iPhone 11 Pro directly from Mous for £7.99.

Moshi IonGlass Screen protector for iPhone XS/X

Moshi IonGlass Screen protector for iPhone XS/X

Moshi is a name we've come to trust for its high quality products. The IonGlass fits the iPhone XS and iPhone X and Moshi claims its tougher than tempered glass and steel, due to it being atomically strengthened.

We tried scratching our sample with a pair of scissors, but the protector was impressively left unscathed no matter how much pressure we applied. We feel certain it will be equally matched against the set of keys in your pocket.

It's not available in the US. In the UK, you can pick it up from Moshi directly for £34.95. It's compatible with the iPhone 11 Pro, XS and X.

Spigen iPhone 11Pro/XS/X Screen Protector Glas.tR

Spigen iPhone 11Pro/XS/X Screen Protector Glas.tR

Spigen's screen protector only has one layer, but that layer is glass so it should hold its own. It boasts 9H tempered hardness and is fingerprint resistant.

The thin design is built to be compatible with just about any case you might use. The is compatible with the iPhone 11 Pro, XS and X, and comes in a pack of two, so if one gets too scratched it's easy to swap to the second. Pick it up from Amazon for £11.99/US$11.99.

You can also get it directly from Spigen for £9.99/US$34.99.

Peel Screen Protector

Peel Glass Screen Protector for iPhone XS

Peel's tempered glass screen protector goes right up to the rounded edge of the display, which should help you feel that your screen is safe even if you're using a slimmer case for the phone - like Peel's own super thin case for the iPhone 11iPhone XS and iPhone X (£24/US$29), unsurprisingly.

It comes with everything you'll need for an easy application, and is almost impossible to spot once it's on the phone - so much so that you might just forget it's there at all.

It's available for the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS and iPhone X for £24/US$29. 

Tozo iPhone 11/XS/iPhone X Glass Screen Protector

Tozo iPhone 11/XS/iPhone X Glass Screen Protector

This glass offering from Tozo has curved edges like the Belkin protector. That means it covers the corners of the iPhone 11/XS/X, not just the front of the display, adding a little bit of extra protection against drops and knocks, not just direct scratches.

It comes with an applicator frame as well. It's compatible with all three models and is available from Amazon for £5.99/US$8.99.

Anker iPhone 11 Pro/XS/iPhone X Double Defence Screen Protector

Anker iPhone 11 Pro/XS/iPhone X Double Defence Screen Protector

Anker is one of the most reliable phone accessory companies around right now.

This reinforced glass screen protector comes in a set of two and is shatterproof to keep cracked glass together, so even after a big drop you won't get loose glass flying around.

Its Double Defence technology refers to its use of two layers of glass to insulate impact from the actual phone screen.

It doesn't have curved edges like some of the other protectors featured in this list, but it does come with an installation clip to align the guard and an 18-month warranty.

It fits the iPhone 11 Pro, XS and X and is available on £6.99. We can't find the same one in the US, but the GlassGuard is available for $9.99.

JETech Screen Protector for iPhone 11/XS/X (3-Pack)

JETech Screen Protector for iPhone 11/XS/X (3-Pack)

JETech's tempered glass screen protectors are 0.33mm thin, come in a pack of three and with a lifetime warranty. It's slightly smaller than the surface area of the screen so it doesn't prevent a case from fitting the edges.

In terms of protective features it's similar to the other protectors listed here with 9H hardness and a fingerprint and scratch resistant surface. It however, costs a fraction of the price at £6.99/US$7.98 on Amazon.

ESR iPhone 11/XS/iPhone X Screen Protector

ESR iPhone 11/XS/iPhone X Screen Protector

The ESR tempered glass screen protector can withstand 22lbs of force. It is shatterproof, scratch-resistant, fingerprint-resistant and promises bubble-free installation. It comes with an installation frame too so that the protector goes on properly aligned with the phone.

It costs £6.49/US$10.99 right now.