If you want a new Mac mini but you don't want to pay full price you've come to the right place: we've scoured the web for the best deals on a Mac mini so you can save money on a new Mac.

And, with Apple having doubled the storage inside the Mac mini in March 2020, we're expecting to see some attractive discounts on the older 2018 models - which are identical to the 2020 models in every other way. 

The most important thing to keep in mind when looking for a deal on a new Mac is the price that Apple is selling that model (or the equivalent model) for now. Once a new model is launched Apple usually sells it for the same price as the previous generation, so, with the price of a new model in mind, a small discount on an old model may not look so attractive. You might see a 2018 Mac mini discounted by £50, but that extra £50 could get you double the storage, so it's important to be informed.

This is why we always quote the price that Apple sells the equivalent model for today - and try to be clear about exactly which Mac mini model is being discounted in the deal.

There is some Mac-related news you should be aware of: Apple has announced that it is starting transitioning from Intel processors in its Macs to its own Apple Silicon chips. The first Apple Silicon-powered Macs are scheduled to arrive before the end of 2020, and we anticipate these being consumer Macs such as the MacBook Air, Mac mini and the smaller iMac. In fact there is already an Apple Silicon Mac mini right now but that model is just for developers to use for testing.

This all means you need to consider whether to wait for the new Apple Silicon Macs or go ahead and update your Mac now. This article might help: Should I buy an Intel Mac?

Another thing to keep in mind is that Black Friday will soon be here, and this year we are expecting to see deals start to appear as early as October! Speaking of which - Amazon Prime Day is set to happen on 13 and 14 October so you can expect to get some good deals on Apple products. Read about what you can expect from Prime Day here.

Read on to find out how to get a good discount on a Mac mini.

Best Mac mini deals right now

Here are the best deals we are seeing currently. We expect to see the prices get more competitive as companies clear out old stock now that the 2020 Mac mini has arrived (even though the only difference is that Apple has doubled the storage options).

Right now we have seen the following deals on the Mac mini worth highlighting:

Make sure you check out our complete round up of the best Apple deals we've seen.

Mac mini deals

Mac mini price

As we said above, before judging how good a deal is you need to know the price Apple sells the Mac mini models for right now:

  • 3.6GHz quad-core 8th-gen i3 processor, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD, £799/US$799 
  • 3.0GHz 6-core 8th-gen i5 processor, 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD, £1,099/US$1,099

You can order a Mac mini directly from Apple.

The Mac mini is a great choice because it's the cheapest Mac you can get and yet it's also one of the more powerful Macs. The only thing to bear in mind is that you will need to purchase a separate screen, mouse and keyboard, but perhaps you already have those.

With some great discounts available, buying a Mac mini is without a doubt the cheapest way to get a Mac. If you'd like some help to choose the best Mac for you, read our Mac buying guide where we cover all the models.

Carry on reading to see the best deals on a new Mac mini right now.

Mac mini deals

Best Mac mini deals right now

Here are some of the best deals on the current crop of Mac mini models and some older ones. You can expect to find great deals on brand-new Macs at Apple Premium Reseller KRCS, while Currys PC World, John Lewis and Laptops Direct have discounts on some of Apple's older models.

Mac mini, 3.6GHz Quad-Core, 256GB (2020)

This model usually starts at £799 / $799 / AU$1,299, here are the best deals right now:

Retailer Price Delivery  

Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide

Mac mini, 3.0GHz 6-Core, 512GB (2020)

This model usually starts at £1,099 / $1,099 / AU$1,749, here are the best deals right now:

Retailer Price Delivery  

Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide

Mac mini, 3.6GHz Quad-Core, 128GB (2018)

This model used to start at £799 / $799 / AU$1,299 and the 2020 model still does - but it has twice the storage. The best deals right now will appear below - but note that if they aren't cheaper than the price that Apple sells the equivalent model for now you shouldn't buy it:

Retailer Price Delivery  

Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide

Mac mini, 3.0GHz 6-Core, 256GB (2018)

This model used to start at £1,099 / $1,099 / AU$1,749, if there are any good deals right now they will appear below:

Retailer Price Delivery  

Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide

Best Mac Desktop Deals

In this section you will find some of the best deals we've seen for iMacs as well as the Mac mini and other Mac desktops. We update this list weekly, so it should always be spot on in terms of how much you can save, give or take a few pounds. (Retailers often make small tweaks to the price, so if it's gone up it might be worth waiting a week or so to see if it comes down again.)

1. Apple 27in iMac, 3.7GHz six-core, 5K Retina Display, 2TB Fusion Drive (2019)

From: Currys PC World

Was: £2,249

Now: £1,599  (£650 off)

Save money on the 2019 iMac with this deal from Currys PC World. This was the top-of-the-range six-core 27in model that used to cost £2,249 (the equivalent now costs £2,299).

This model features a 9th generation Intel i5 processor and AMD Radeon Pro 580X graphics. Note that this includes a 2TB Fusion Drive - Apple is now shipping all iMacs with SSDs as standard.

2. Apple 21.5in iMac, 3.0GHz six-core, 4K Retina Display, 1TB Fusion Drive (2019)

From: Currys PC World

Was: £1,449

Now: £1,099  (£350 off)

You can get money off this 2019 top-of-the-range 21.5in iMac with Currys PC World. It's almost identical spec to the 2019 entry-level 27in iMac, but way less money!

3. Apple 27in iMac, 3.1GHz six-core, 5K Retina Display, 1TB Fusion Drive (2019)

From: Currys PC World

Was: £1,949

Now: £1,399  (£550 off)

Currys has a decent deal on the 2019 27in iMac with 3.0GHz 6-core processor. This was 2019's mid-range 27in model.

4. Apple 27in iMac, 3.8GHz eight-core, 10th-gen, 512GB SSD (2020)

From: KRCS

Was: £2,299

Now: £2,184.05  (£114.95 off)

KRCS has already knocked £114 off the price of the top-of-the-range 3.8GHz 8-core 10th-gen, 2020 iMac which only launched in August 2020.

5. Apple 27in iMac, 3.3GHz six-core, 10th-gen, 256GB SSD (2020)

From: KRCS

Was: £1,999

Now: £1,899.05  (£99.95 off)

KRCS has knocked almost £100 off the price of the new mid-range 27in iMac for 2020.

6. Apple iMac Pro, 3.2GHz, 8-core Xeon, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, 5K Retina display (late 2017)

From: Currys PC World

Was: £4,899

Now: £3,299  (£1,600 off)

The iMac Pro hasn't been updated since it was introduced in 2017, but it is still one of the most powerful iMacs. It's also the most expensive iMac - but Currys is offering money off!

Note that this is the 8-core model that Apple discontinued, which means you can now get 10-core model from Apple for £4,999, but this is still a decent deal.

7. Apple 21.5in iMac, 3.6GHz quad-core, 4K Retina Display (2019) with 256GB SSD

From: KRCS

Was: £1,299

Now: £1,234.06  (£64.94 off)

It might only be a small discount - and even smaller if you compare it to the £1,249 that this iMac was selling for before the 'update' in August, but the fact that you get a better SSD for less than the old model (which was hampered by the hard drive) makes this a decent deal.

8. Apple Mac mini, 3.0GHz 6-core, 512GB (2020)

From: Amazon

Was: £1,099.00

Now: £1,015.05  (£83.95 off)

Amazon is offering discounts on the 2020 Mac mini models. This option has an 6-core processor and 512GB storage (in comparison the equivalent 2018 model only had 256GB storage for the same RRP).

9. Apple Mac mini, 3.6GHz quad-core, 256GB (2020)

From: Amazon

Was: £799

Now: £729  (£70 off)

This is a small but decent saving on the price of the 2020 quad-core 3.6GHz Mac mini. This model has double the amount of storage of the 2018 but is identical in every other way.

KRCS also has a deal on this Mac mini but it costs slightly more here.

10. Apple Refurbished Mac Store (Discounted iMacs, MacBooks and more)

From: Apple

Now: Up to £300 off

You can get a Mac from Apple at much lower prices if you buy from the Refurbished Store. Apple will have thoroughly tested the model and will offer you a full warranty so it can be a great way to get a good deal. Find out more about Refurbished Macs here.

11. Apple 21.5in iMac, 2.3GHz dual-core, 1TB HD (2017)

From: Amazon

Was: £1,049

Now: £799  (£250 off)

There is a decent saving on the 2017 entry-level iMac with this Amazon deal. But remember, this model lacks a Retina display and hasn't been updated since 2017 - and if you look for a discount on a different model from the 2017 iMac range you will be getting a much better deal.

Currys usually has a similar deal, as do John Lewis.

Where to get Mac mini deals

Resellers are always offering discounts on the different Mac models. You may find deals on the following sites:



Sometimes Amazon offers Lightning deals on Macs. If you've found that you're missing out on Amazon's Lightning deals, which run for just a few hours and offer limited stock, we'd recommend signing up for Amazon's 30 day free trial of Prime, which will get you access to deals 30 minutes before everyone else. Plus, you'll get free next-day delivery with the Prime trial, as well as access to Prime Instant Video and more. Sign up for Prime now to take advantage.