Welcome to our best new apps for iPad, iPhone article. Here, we'll bring a selection of new & noteworthy apps available in the iOS App Store for you to discover. We'll be updating this article on a regular basis, so bookmark this page and check back next month for even more new apps.

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VLC for iOS

This free universal app brings the VLC media player to iPad, iPod and iPhone. For those of you who are used to converting your movies and TV shows on your computer before syncing them to your iOS device, VLC for iOS means you're going to find watching that content a lot easier, because you'll no longer need to convert it.

There seem to be a few teething problems with the new, improved version of the app, but it's free and the developers are quick to update when an issue becomes apparent, so it's worth giving it a go.


Photochop can help you add some cool effects to your iPhone photos. It breaks your photo into tiles and you can adjust these tiles to create the result you're happy with.

To Bed

There really is an app for everything. This time, it's a 69p app that uses your age and wakeup times to remind you when you need to go to bed.


Love Vine but wish you could make your videos longer? The free MixBit app lets you record up to 256 16-second clips to create a video and share with friends.

Disney Animated

It's a bit pricey at £9.99, but the Disney Animated app for iPad is an absolute gem for Disney fans and animators.

djay 2

Following the success of the original djay, the second-generation has been redesigned to bring new features to the DJ system. It's available for iPhone, too.

Aero (69p)

This slick weather app uses smooth animations and simple type to bring you the weather forecast. It can break the forecast down by hour and also tell you the prediction for the rest of the week.


This £1.49 photography app lets you take High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos using your iPad or iPhone. Use the slider to adjust the result.


Viz (£1.49) lets you create charts using your iPhone. Just enter your data, pick your chart type and colour schemes, and then save or share the result. 

Agenda Calendar 4

Agenda Calendar has been given a new lease of life in this latest version. Its minimalistic design and colour-coded dots make it easy to see what you've got planned.